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Idukki dam may open if current flow continues: Minister | Idukki Dam

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The district administration has completed preparations for the opening of the Idukki dam. School buildings were taken over for relief camps. 222 persons from 64 families in 5 villages of Idukki taluk will be relocated.

21 out of 8 families in Thankamani village, 15 out of 5 families in Upputhottil, 4 families in Vathikudi, 8 families in Kanjikuzhi and 39 families in Idukki village will be relocated. The fire force, police and revenue departments are also ready.

The name is Idukki and the opening is Cheruthoni

There are 3 dams under the Idukki project; Idukki, Cheruthoni, Kulamavu. Idukki and Kulamavu dams have no shutters. Three of the five shutters of the Cheruthoni Dam will be opened today. In 2018, all 5 shutters of the dam were opened. The shutters were closed 30 days later. The shutters of the Idukki Dam were raised in October 1981 and October 1992.

KSEB’s figures

If one of the shutters of Cheruthoni Dam is raised by 50 cm, KSEB will lose Rs. 1,875 per second. The loss is Rs 67,50,000 per hour. When all 3 shutters are opened, the loss will exceed Rs 2 crore. The generation section says that after raising a shutter 50 cm, it takes about 3 hours to lower it. If one foot is released from the Idukki dam, 850 million cubic feet of water will be lost and Rs 14 crore will be wasted through this, top officials said.

When all the 5 shutters of Idukki-Cheruthoni dam were opened after the floods of 2018 (file photo).

A single switch will raise the shutter

The shutters of the Cheruthoni dam are powered by an electric motor. When the switch is turned on, the gear system starts working with the rotating motor. Steel wheels are attached to the gear that rotates on the wheels. The cords are connected to the shutter gates. There is a mechanism for raising and lowering as required. In 2018, it only took 2 minutes to raise the 50cm shutter. The motor, wiring and wiring of the shutter have been oiled and polished for days.

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Half the water flowed that day

In 2018, more than half of the dam’s water was shuttered for 30 days. 1063.226 million cubic meters of water was discharged. The maximum storage capacity of Idukki Dam is 2,000 million cubic meters of water. It was estimated that 1,500 million units of electricity could be generated with the water that flowed that day.

With this amount of electricity, it can be used for 23 days all over Kerala. The average power requirement of the state per day is 65 million units. In the summer, it will rise to 80 million units.

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