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IEAT invests in 8 new businesses to respond to global economic trends

Date 30 Dec 2021 time 20:00

The Industrial Estate continues to look for investment opportunities in 8 new businesses, renewable energy, ports, and health, revealing that it is ready to invest in both Thailand and Thailand.

Mr. Veerit Amrapal, Governor of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT), later revealed that he presided over the opening of the online hearing seminar (Zoom) “a project to study investment patterns in new businesses of I-EA-T and investment styles domestically and internationally” said that due to the changing context and competition in the industrial sector, the I-EA-T has to adjust its roles and main missions (Core Business) in land acquisition and development for Established as an industrial estate as well as providing utilities and facilities to facilitate business operations in the industrial and service sectors In addition, the I-EA-T Act (No. 5) B.E. or joint ventures with other people to operate

including becoming a limited liability partner in a limited partnership or holding shares in any juristic person which has objectives or operations that are beneficial to or related to the business within the objectives of IEAT both domestically and internationally to expand the scope of service of I-EA-T operates with efficiency and maximum benefits.

Listening to the opinions of business operators related to the new business of I-EA-T this time to create an area for commenting on the study results. In the issue of opportunities and possibilities of businesses that can expand investment both domestically and internationally, there are 8 types of businesses that can expand investment from existing businesses. and new business such as businesses related to industrial estates and industrial ports (Industrial Estate & Industrial Port), businesses related to renewable energy (Renewable Energy).

industrial waste management and Waste & Green Management, Urban Solution Provider, Future Skills, Healthcare & Wellness, Industrial Estate Management. Estate Management and Supply Chain Facilities Management

“I-EA-T seeks to find new approaches and ways of doing business to keep up with the changing global economic trends. and the challenges of the Next Normal era that has changed the way of life in the future in the face of covid-19 that also affects all dimensions Both lifestyles have changed. increased health risks including various challenges that occurs with various industries and businesses inevitably,” said Mr. Wirit.

for the results of the study and exchanging opinions Suggestions from those who attended this seminar It will be an important component of IEAT’s investment guidelines, marketing and risk management of investment projects in the future.



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