IEAT – True Group joins the study of 5G technology, pinning 14 regulatory settlements

IEAT – True Group joins the study of 5G technology, pinning 14 regulatory settlements

Ms. Somjin Philek, Governor of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) Reveal the joint signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation on 5G Technology Testing between the IEAT and True Corporation Group that this cooperation both sides will jointly study, experiment and apply 5G technology to be applied According to the management development plan And operation of industrial estates Which is under the supervision of the 14 IEAT, aiming for every industrial estate to step into Smart Industrial Estate with 5G technology applied to meet Needs of the industrial sector in order to operate effectively. Initially, the IEAT will join with the True Group Test data association Big data management drives infrastructure management Including various services In an industrial estate All of which meet the needs of investors investing in Thailand in industrial estates. It is also an opportunity to expand the True 5G network to the private sector or factories within the industrial estate as well.

Ms. Somchin said that for the framework of cooperation to achieve the objectives of this cooperation agreement, both the IEAT and the True Group Will jointly study opportunities in the use of 5G technology to develop and enhance the quality of the Thai industry Piloting the development of the 5G system within the industrial estates under the supervision of the IEAT before, while pushing for the private and government sectors to store data on the cloud in the Big Data system to allow businesses And factory entrepreneurs in the industrial estate area can use such information to further develop business Along with the production of skilled personnel according to private needs. In order to support related technologies by being able to work efficiently

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