If everyone sees our fight, everyone will think that everything is over, Siddharth!!

Siddharth Bharathan is a director and actor. Siddharth married Sujina Sridhar after the divorce of his first marriage. Siddharth says that Sujeena has never achieved the role of a star wife till now. Now the things they both said about their lives are getting more attention. Sujina, who is a dancer, has not started dance school yet. Siddharth’s wife Sujina says she is working hard for it.

Sujina said she wants to go ahead with things without saying that she is his wife. At home, Siddharth is a good man and is also very sincere towards his work. Sujina says that she now takes less work only after her daughter’s arrival. Sujina said she tried to teach her daughter more Malayalam, but her son was a bit slow in Malayalam.

Siddharth also says that his films are always criticized and if they see them fighting, those close to them will think that everything is over now. But the problem between us will be over in two hours. Sujina said Sidhu is the first to speak when he fights. And Sujina said that no one can stand in front of Sidhu for a long time.

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