If I am a filmmaker like Blessy Ettan, I will give birth again and again- Shweta Menon

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If I am a filmmaker like Blessy Ettan, I will give birth again and again: Shweta Menon

Kalimann is a film directed by Blesty starring Shweta Menon. Shweta Menon’s real-life birth was shot live on camera for the film. There was a lot of criticism against him.

The actress said that all the booze from birth was not shown in that film and she knew how much booze the film needed from the beginning. Shweta said that she told her husband about the maternity shoot even before the film Clayman and that she did it to show the baby when it grows up.

“Before shooting on clay I had told my husband about shooting maternity. My baby needs to understand how he was born if not today or tomorrow. When we become a mother, we start to respect our father and mother. Until then we challenge them.

I see it in my daughter too. I always tell her I have something for you. She has seen it but is not old enough to understand. We should teach children respect from home.

I knew how much booze there would be in that movie. The hard disk is close to us even though the birth is completely shot. When a filmmaker like Blesy Eton tells me to shoot it, I close my eyes and do it. It will give birth again and again.

Beyond that, I haven’t thought of anything else. Everyone has their own point of view that people criticize. They don’t know what to think. If there was such a thing as common sense, it would not be thought so.

They reacted without respecting someone like Blessy Ettan who has won many national and state awards. Malayalees expressed their opinion without looking at the person in front of them. But today is not yesterday. I am fine,” Shweta Menon

Shweta Menon’s next film is Pallimani, a horror film directed by Anil Kumbasha. Along with Shweta, Nitya Das and Kailash play the lead roles in the film. Shweta plays the role of Victoria. Pallimani is a film where Nithya Das returns from acting career after marriage.

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