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If it is right, it is 20,000 won, if it is not, it is 1.11 million won… U.S.’Vaccine Discount’ Concert

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5,000 Parisians who were tested for Corona 19 attended an indoor concert held as one of the public health experiments on the 29th (local time) and are enjoying performances wearing masks. [로이터=연합뉴스]

It is reported that a concert ticket to be held in Florida, USA is discounted to those who have been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

Organizer “Purpose the concert to proceed safely”
55 times the price difference “the full price ticket was not sold”

On the 29th (local time), foreign media such as ABC and CNN reported that the entrance fee for the live concert of the rock band’Teenage Bottlerocket’ to be held next month in St. On the other hand, it is said to be 55 times more expensive at 999.99 dollars (approximately 1.11 million won) to those who have not received the vaccine.

Paul Williams, who organized the concert, came up with a plan to offer discounts to those who received the Corona 19 vaccine to keep the event safe while the Florida state government bans vaccination passports. “We want to keep the concert safe,” he told ABC. “To protect yourself, your family and your community, you need to get the vaccine.”

In April, Governor Ron DeSantis Floriza signed an executive order banning passports for the Corona 19 vaccine. The order banned states and agencies from issuing vaccination passports, while preventing the state from requiring proof of vaccination.

In an interview with the Washington Post (WP), Williams said, “You must bring your ID card and vaccination card on the day of the performance to enter the discounted price.”

Some pointed out that the discount on admission tickets is discrimination against non-vaccinated people, unlike incentive programs to encourage vaccination. Britney Wizen, who was recently infected with Corona 19 but was cured and unable to vaccinate, said, “I understand their purpose, but it is not fair.”

Reporter Jeong Young-gyo [email protected]

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