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“If it was a sincere apology…” Jetsun disciple also rebutted the explanation after exposing the allegation of abuse

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Crew Coca N Butter member Jet Sun (Kim Ji-sun), who appeared on Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’ (hereinafter referred to as Suupa), explained that “I want to correct the part that is not true” about the suspicion of power abuse. went into rebuttal.

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On the 21st, an article was posted on the online community Nate board saying, ‘I am the author of the article that exposes Suufa. This article is an additional article posted by author A, who exposed the allegations of power abuse by Jetsun.

Person A said, “After leaving the dance team, I heard from my friends that he (Jet Sun) blocked my Instagram and posted an explanation.” It is questionable,” he said. He pointed out that there was no contact from Jetsun.

He continued, “The plan we shared before leaving for Jamaica was a list of purchases including daily necessities, a monthly budget, accommodation, and classes. I never decided to even take charge of the laundry.”

And about the explanation that he did full body massages alternately, he said, “Have you ever put your hands on your conscience even once?” “As I wrote in my previous post, when I massaged him, he always fell asleep first. If that’s the case, I have nothing to say.”

He also refuted Jetsun’s explanation, saying, “I didn’t forcefully cut my hair.” He said, “I didn’t say that I was forcibly cut, either,” he said. “But I was bored that day after unpacking my luggage and asked to have my hair cut today. Seeing his facial expressions, he said to the team members in Korea over the group KakaoTalk and phone calls, saying that I cut my hair and my expression was not good. Is there a lie in that? One of the members at the time also remembers the conversation.”

Mr. A said, “The misunderstanding was that he did not directly ask me to ‘remove the hygiene products’. I’m sorry for this part,” he apologized, “but overall housework and cleaning were my responsibility.” .

In addition, Mr. A refuted every detail of Jetsun’s explanations, such as “I never had my body hair removed from the bathroom” and “We managed living expenses together and never extorted money.”

Mnet ‘Street Woman Fighter’

The author said, “I did not want to hurt other people because of my writing on the air that I posted at the end of ‘Suwoopa’. It’s because I didn’t want to spill it.” He explained the reason for the late revelation.

Mr. A said, “I am also not happy to post a post that reveals the shame of a former teacher.” “The reason I posted this while preparing to reveal my identity and revealing memories I did not want to bring out is because I want to get out of this trauma and appear on the air (Jet Sun). ) because I want to stop seeing you.”

He added, “Even if today’s post was brief, if it had been a sincere apology, I would not have written again today in such detail.”

Earlier, through an online community, Mr. A posted an article claiming to have been abused while he was a student of Jetsun. Since then, Jetsun posted a statement of explanation on Instagram, but controversy continues, with other dancers continuing to testify to the author’s revelations.

“It’s about to explode.” ‘Sniper posts’ pouring in despite the explanation of Jetsun’s abuse of power. Jetsun’s revelations posted on the online community ‘Natepan’ on the 19th

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