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If Mullaperiyar Dam is decommissioned: Bhadran says

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Director Bhadran says that if Mullaperiyar Dam is decommissioned, it will be a big disaster. According to Bhadran, the idea of ​​decommissioning is likely to lead to arson and murders as the Mullaperiyar Dam in eight districts of Tamil Nadu is overflowing with water.

Bhadran’s words:

The knowledge that Mullaperiyar is the sword of Democritus pointing like an arrow at the head of Kerala is not known today or yesterday. Even though that knowledge is so honest, why do not governments or courts, which are changing from time to time, take a look at its terrible aspects? This is a big question mark.

I am not blaming the courts or the legal system. But what can we do in the present situation? This is the opinion I get when I hear the debates on TV from people who have a great deal of study about it. Considering what some of them say, it seems to lead to a lasting solution.

I can not deny the fact that Mullaperiyar will be decommissioned. But there is another side to it. A few years ago, Tamil children did not disagree with some of the comments, ‘Why should we give water to Tamil Nadu, ignoring the security of our country?’ Instead I saw the riots unleash when I was living in Chennai.

Their roar at that time was that not a single piece of Malayalee soil could be left in Tamil Nadu. I know that many of my friends’ gold shops were closed down and entered Bombay. The wealth and life of many more Malayalees in Tamil Nadu is greater than that of a Tamil in Kerala. So I think this is not an issue that needs to be dealt with very sensitively.

I have a suspicion that the idea of ​​decommissioning will not lead to arson and murders when the Mullaperiyar Dam is flooded with water in eight districts of Tamil Nadu. I know firsthand the crazy behavior of your people ..

Instead, if the dam’s current state of affairs invites large companies, including world – renowned technical crews, to conduct an impartial study, they will say, ‘Decompose the dam, otherwise what happened in China will happen here.’

This document is another step for the Government of Kerala to go to the Supreme Court. If such a situation arises, as the scholar who participated in the debate on the channel yesterday said, the dam will be reduced from the current allowable 140 feet to just 50 feet, and Tamil Nadu will not be able to get a larger water source than it is now through large tunnels through the ground.

Thus, if a limited amount of water is stored in the dam, the problem of this erosion will be solved. And is it not possible to strengthen the hybrid with the required technical excellence?

So show the wisdom to study government matters wisely and with the will power! The leap for the development of the country is relevant only after the lives and property of the people of Kerala are protected!

Please do not take away the Malayalee who has accepted Tamil songs, classics, movies and its stars with open arms!

Dear brothers and sisters who are reading this, just think of it as my opinion ‘.


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