‘if not sleep wamonuse VT balrame wamos argentina’; Rahul Mangoota Trolley | rahul mamkootathil trolled VT Balram

The fans are excited for Argentina’s spectacular comeback against Mexico in the Qatar World Cup second leg. Argentina’s victory was the result of two uncontested goals in the game when the legendary Messi appeared.

With the win, the team also activated the possibility of a knockout. Argentina can secure the pre-quarters if they beat Poland in their next game. Fans are busy responding to the taunts and trolls they received after the loss against Saudi Arabia.

Rahul also appeared in Mangkoot to answer VT Balram, who was trialling him. Balram Shafi mocked Parambil and Rahul Mankoot when they lost to Saudi in the first match. Balram’s troll said that Argentina lost because they both went to watch the game.

Balram’s Facebook post was accompanied by a picture of Shafi and Rahul from the gallery with the caption ‘Nah…chummatalla’. Wamonoose, VT. Balrame Vamos Argentina’ was Rahul’s reply.

Argentina took the lead through Messi’s goal in the 64th minute of the game and scored for the second time through substitute Enzo Fernandez in the 87th minute. Messi paved the way for the second goal. Unlike the boring first half, the second half saw Argentina take control of the game.

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