If the Luna hard fork, how many new coins will the original coin holder get? Find the answer here

After Siam Blockchain recently reported on the votes that have passed! Over 85% of the LUNA community voted in favor of a separate hardfork operation. Many people are beginning to wonder if Luna actually does a hardfork, how much will the original coin holder get the new coins?

Of course, in this article Siam Blockchain will help find answers to friends and present a luna-airdrop calculation tool based on information from the website terrarity.io.

Once your friends visit the terrarity.io page, they will find a “calculator” tool.Luna airdropThe main calculation method is that the site is based on data on the supply of Luna tokens both before and after the expected hardfork on May 27.

According to information from the website Friends will notice the various data used for calculations, whether Supply of Coins, Coin Allocation Percentage, New Pool, Number of Luna/Unit Coins, Current Traded Coin Price, etc.

For how to use the Luna Airdrop Calculation Tool, first have your friends enter the amount of POST-LUNA (the original LUNA you were holding before the hardfork) or POST-UST (the original UST amount your friend had before the hardfork). held before the hardfork) into the UNIT field, then the site will automatically calculate the new LUNA coins for friends.

For example, if your friend has 10 million and 150 coins of Luna and UST (before the hardfork), respectively. The site then calculates the new LUNA coin, which is expected to be $147.65, based on the $425 million new LUNA supply.

However, this Luna airdrop calculating tool on terrarity.io is just an approximate estimate (it’s not clear if the exact number is exactly the same), but I hope it’s helpful to you guys. Who are more or less wondering how to distribute Luna’s new Airdrop coin?

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