If you are not old, you can be “Alzheimer’s”! Check out 5 signs you have these symptoms or not?

Today (21 September 65) is another important day that “working age“He should be aware that”world alzheimer day” to monitor the risk of symptomsdementia For origin “Alzheimer’s diseaseIt was first discovered in 1901 by Alois Alzheimer a German psychiatrist who later named the disease after his name in honor of the psychiatrist.

“Alzheimer’s disease” or “dementia” is a type of brain disease caused by degeneration, damage, or death of brain cells in areas responsible for learning and memory. cause the patient to lose short term memory And some people may not be able to control their emotions.

After the discovery of the disease Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) was formed later in 1984 to support and treat people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. along with disseminating information about this disease to the public

After that, in 1994, the ADI organization established the “World Alzheimer’s Day”, which falls on 21 September every year. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Alzheimer’s Disease International, every year, the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease collaboration is celebrated and held annually with organizations around the world.

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Although it was once believed that the disease only affects the elderly aged 65 and over. But at the moment there is a lot of research and medical reports have found that Today, young people are also at risk of developing dementia. It is clear from one report that in the United States there are approximately 200,000 people with Alzheimer’s disease under the age of 65.

In Thailand, there are the same number of cases. Recently, information from an academic article from Phyathai Hospital (16 September 65) reports that currentlyDementia patients are found in younger people. found more in people aged 30 or over or still inworking age” up to 7% of the total number of patients.

This is caused by the effects of other illnesses or certain behaviors that lead to dementia in young people. Normally when people enter the age of 40 onwards, organs and endocrine systems are working. The contents of the heart and brain will gradually deteriorate It is part of the brain cells to begin to deteriorate.

But another important factor from having a congenital disease ​​​​like high blood pressure diabetic hyperlipidemia Vascular disease, liver disease, and chronic kidney disease Including if there is risky behavior like Heavy smoking, regular alcohol consumption no exercise Sitting and working, rarely moving, stress, sleeping late, not enough rest. These will increase your risk of developing dementia more quickly.

However, most people may not be able to distinguish which type of forgetfulness is a common type of forgetfulness. and what are the symptoms of “Alzheimer’s Disease”? This was answered by Assoc.Prof.Dr Solapat Hemranrot a Physician at the Brain Training Center Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society, described as follows:

simple forgetfulness

  • I can’t remember where I put my pens, keys, everyday objects.
  • Problems with general memory, such as forgetting people’s names after a long time, and forgetting details
  • have memory problems but other normal brain functions

Symptoms of forgetfulness that indicate “Dementia”

  • I don’t remember ever lifting that side of the pen before. I didn’t think I had forgotten
  • Things that should not be forgotten in everyday life, but are being forgotten, such as eating before, taking a shower and going to other states, going to a grandchildren’s wedding or not being able to remember what to do, etc.
  • brain degeneration Makes information and ability of other issues change with
  • unable to remember and learn new things
  • Lost, unable to calculate, unable to manage basic daily routines. Emotional and behavioral problems such as irritability, lethargy and apathy, lack of restraint, confusion, anxiety, fear, etc.

However, this disease can be prevented early by Dr. Jesada Khiaokhajee, a specialist doctor. Institute of Neurology Advised on preventing “Alzheimer’s” that people of working age or the elderly should be able to train themselves by doing various activities. Do a variety of activities in everyday life such as praying for meditation, cooking, washing clothes, folding clothes, etc. want to do as usual

If you have a bad memory Recommended daily journals Review for yourself what you have done. Complemented by playing matching games, playing catch up games, playing various maze games. to practice knowing the direction They should also practice arithmetic, adding and subtracting numbers and practice colouring. Including should exercise regularly Make your mind fresh and clear. eat nutritious food Avoid smoking / drinking alcohol, etc.


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