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Thanks to mobile phones and mobile games, almost everyone can call themselves Gamer. It is very common to port games from PC to mobile phones. If the game can be ported well enough, it can often expand the existing community of the game. After all, the mobile version can let players who do not have a computer or are equipped with a computer that cannot handle the game needs to have fun together. Playing Terraria is a good example.

Adventure game with rich construction elements

If you are a player who often plays Steam games, you should have heard the name Terraria to some extent. It’s okay if you haven’t. You can imagine that it is a 2D version of “minecraft”, and you don’t know about “be a creator”. ? Simply put, players can build things or make items by collecting materials in the game, from small torches to large houses, all of which can be freely built.


“Terraria” also has a wealth of combat elements. When the player is happily picking flowers and grass, the boss will slowly emerge with the player’s progress. Don’t worry too much, if you choose travel or classic mode, the penalty related to death is almost insensitive, so just revive infinitely despicably and kill the boss (Chan laugh.

Before entering the game…

Entering the game, you can see that the main menu has a single-player mode and a multi-player mode. The mobile version of Terraria is also a buy-out system. After purchase, both modes can be played, so whether you want to take risks by yourself or have fun with friends Players can be satisfied.

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To enter the game, you must first create a character and create a world. The character and the world have their own corresponding difficulty settings. In terms of roles, the current difficulty is divided into travel, classic, expert, and master, and the corresponding consequences are the difference in punishment caused by death, from no loss, dropping gold coins and props, to complete death and rebirth.


It is recommended that players who have never played similar games start with “Travel”. This difficulty will also give players some initial equipment to explore Terraria.

The difference in the difficulty of the world is the difficulty of the monster and the loot (the harder the loot, the richer the loot). It should be noted that the “travel” character can only play in the “travel” world. Once you are all ready, enter the exciting randomly generated world right away!


Free operation feel of dual joysticks

After entering the game, you can see that there are dense virtual buttons on the screen. Although there is a preliminary operation guide at the beginning, the function of the buttons is not fully explained (it is also a feature of “Terraria”).

To put it simply, the buttons in the lower left corner and the center of the lower right corner are designed like handlebars with dual joysticks. The left controls movement, and the right controls movement and viewing angle, allowing players to move back and attack the enemy in the opposite direction.


Other keys are similar to shortcut keys, such as potions, and zoom-in and zoom-out keys for zooming in and out of the screen. The most special feature of the mobile version is the bottom two in the lower right corner. There is no need to aim when shooting arrows; the square on the right is to switch the simple/precise mode, which will make a cross shape appear on the interface, and an enlarged small pane will appear when chopping or mining, which is convenient for players to do precise operations.

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Classic games worth looking forward to

Looking back on the history of Terraria, since its release in 2011, it has received overwhelming praise from players around the world. It not only has the fun of building and making “Be a God of Creation”, but also the excitement of RPG adventure. No wonder it can gain the support of a large number of players.

The mobile version of “Terraria” has actually been around for many years, but there is no traditional Chinese version suitable for Taiwanese to play. Terraria Mobile allows former PC players to continue immersing themselves in the land of Terraria with their fragmented time, and for pure mobile gamers… Welcome to the new spiritual time house and embark on an adventure!


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