If you catch Corona again… 2 to 3 times more risk of death and serious disease than a first infection

Reporter Yongjun Ji | VIEW 11,446 | 2022.11.11 09:08

A study found that re-infection with the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) increases the risk of death or serious disease two to three times compared to the first infection, regardless of vaccination.

According to Reuters on the 11th (Korea time), the University of Washington School of Medicine in the United States published a study showing that patients who are reinfected have more than double the risk of death and a three times higher risk of going to’ the hospital in comparison. for patients who have been infected once, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated against Corona 19. or not. This is an analysis of data collected by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) from approximately 6 million Corona 19 infected, re-infected (2 times or more), and non-infected patients were infected in the United States, and the results of the research were published in the international journal Nature Medicine.

The research team analyzed the records of ▲ 443,588 patients infected with COVID-19 ▲ 40,947 reinfected patients and ▲ 5.3 million uninfected patients collected at the medical institutions of the Department of Veterans Affairs and Veterans Affairs between March 1, 2020 and April 6, 2022. Most of the study subjects were men.

Reinfected patients were more than three times more likely to develop lung disease than those who were initially infected. They were 3 times more likely to develop heart disease and 60% more likely to develop neurological disease. This phenomenon was most evident within 28 days of re-infection.

The researchers explained that even people who received the vaccine after a natural infection could not reduce the health risk in case of re-infection. Although the severity or death rate is different for each mutant virus, such as Delta, Omicron, and BA. However, from the third reinfection, the risk did not increase sharply.

In the case of re-infection, the research team analyzed that it increases the risk of death or serious illness, as well as the risk of an acute or prolonged Covid situation. They found that the risk of ▲lungs ▲heart ▲blood ▲kidneys ▲diabetes ▲mental health ▲bones and muscle ▲neurological diseases was higher in the re-infected group.

This study does not reflect the general public as it is based on the data collected by the Administration of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, where many patients with underlying diseases are in their old age. However, the researchers warned that ordinary people should not underestimate the infection and be vigilant.

“Corona 19 prevention rules, ‘obligation’ and ‘consideration'”
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