If you come here with radar, you will wash your feet; Thomas Isaac said that the ED should not think that it is the sixth in Kerala


Thiruvananthapuram: Finance Minister Thomas Isaac has accused the Enforcement Directorate of being behind the news of the probe against Kifbi. The news was leaked by ED himself. It was even suggested that the title should be this. “The ED is conspiring against the government and if it comes here with radar, it will lose its footing,” he said. The Finance Minister also released a WhatsApp message sent by ED at the press conference.

Thomas Isaac, who alleged that there was a conspiracy between the ED and the CAG to overthrow the government, said in a report not tabled in the legislature that the ED action was a violation of rights. Do not think that you can come to Kerala. The ED action is ultimately reprehensible. The Finance Minister also demanded that the Leader of the Opposition remain silent on the ED action and the violation of the CAG’s rights.

The end of the message says Kifby is under ED radar. The government will not give in to the threat. Finance Minister Thomas Isaac said the decision was to take legal action.

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Last Updated 22, Nov 2020, 4:31 PM



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