If you do not include the number of urea… Nationwide logistics ‘all-stop’ crisis

If you do not include the number of urea… Nationwide logistics ‘all-stop’ crisis

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Due to the shortage of urea water, all logistics in Korea were in danger of being stopped.

Urea water is a consumable agent used in nitrogen oxide reduction devices (SCRs) that are mandatory for diesel vehicles manufactured after 2016.

It is a nitrogen oxide (NOx) reducing agent necessary for the operation of SCR, an exhaust gas after-treatment device of diesel internal combustion engines, and is a component that converts clean water and nitrogen into clean water.

The urea water shortage was caused by the Chinese government’s compulsory urea export inspection. Industry analysts say that China has recently reduced urea production due to a shortage of coal supply due to a ‘coal dispute’ with Australia and effectively banned urea exports through ‘mandatory urea export inspection’ measures.

As the shortage of urea water continued, the Blue House formed a task force (TF) team on the 5th with the participation of related secretaries in the Blue House.

Park Soo-hyeon, senior presidential secretary for public communication at the Blue House, said, “We will establish a comprehensive economic and diplomatic response system that is identical to that of the head of the department (materials, parts, and equipment), so as to cooperate with the domestic industry and logistics industry, diplomatic consultations with countries that produce elements such as China, etc. This is to ensure the comprehensive use of the channel,” he said.

The ‘Factor Response TF Team’ is led by Ahn Il-hwan, senior economic officer, and related secretaries from the Policy Office and the National Security Office as team members.

They are operated as a daily emergency inspection system until the supply and demand of urea water is stabilized.

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