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“If you don’t take Trump, I’ll follow you” blackmail email… US intelligence chief “Iran”

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John Ratcliffe, Director of the National Intelligence Service (DNI), testified at a Senate approval hearing in May. [AP=연합뉴스]

The U.S. National Intelligence Service (DNI) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said on the 21st (local time) that Iran and Russia’s involvement in the US presidential election was caught. Concerns have been raised that the same situation as Russia’s intervention in the US presidential election in 2016 could be reenacted.

U.S. DNI·FBI emergency press conference
“Iran and Russia get voter information”
“Induce confusion by pretending to be a far-right group”
“There are no signs of changing the register.”

DNI Director John Ratcliffe and FBI Director Chris Ray held an emergency press conference today at Washington FBI headquarters to obtain US voter registration information for the purpose of influencing elections by Iran and Russia. Announced that they had sent a threatening email.

However, it said there were no indications that Iran and Russia have altered the results of the votes that have been held so far or have revised the voter register. The presidential election day is November 3, but early and mail voting by state have already begun and are in progress.

Recently, supporters of resident Democrats in Florida and Alaska received threatening e-mails saying “you should vote for Trump.” The threatening e-mail was sent in the name of “Proud Boys,” a far-right group supporting President Trump. It is an organization that became famous when President Trump told them to “stand back and wait” during the first TV debate of the presidential candidate.

This fact was known through the US media the day before. It is unusual for the US intelligence agency to announce it as “Iranian action” in one day. The New York Times (NYT) reported that it appears to have responded quickly to prevent further damage.

In the email with the recipient’s name, he said, “We have all the information about you. You are registered as a Democrat,” and then “You have to vote for Trump on Election Day, otherwise we will follow you.” The Washington Post (WP) and CNN reported.

The email also urged the party to change to the Republican Party, saying, “We know which candidate you voted for. If I were you, I would take this matter seriously.”

So far, supporters of Democrats in Florida, Alaska, Arizona and Pennsylvania have received emails. The remaining three states, excluding Alaska, are considered to be the deciding races for the presidential election this year. The threatening email was sent via the website of a Saudi Arabian insurance company, an Estonia textbook company, and a server in the Singapore and United Arab Emirates (UAE), NYT said.

It is unclear whether Iran and Russia hacked into the voter registration system to steal voter information, or if information was obtained by other means, NYT said. Some voter information is said to be public for commercial use.

“Iran has done something like this to steal its identity, intimidate voters, promote social unrest, and harm President Trump,” said Ratcliffe. It is said that foreign forces are trying to disseminate fake information using US voter information, causing confusion and confusion, and undermining trust in US democracy.

US media reports that the “vote for Trump” threat did not hurt Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, but rather as harming President Trump.

In August, US intelligence officials warned of the possibility that Iran could interfere with the US presidential election, predicting that “Iran will see and act as pressure to replace the infamous Iranian regime will continue if President Trump is re-elected.”

Senate Democratic Party leader Chuck Schumer told NBC, “I was briefed on the impression that I was trying to lessen my confidence in the election rather than targeting a specific person.”

The Democratic Party immediately opposed the announcement of the authorities. Democrats from the House Homeland Security Committee tweeted, “Don’t listen to Ratcliffe. You’re a biased person.”

Ratcliffe, a former Republican Congressman, is an aide to President Trump. The nomination was withdrawn five days after the nomination due to the political faction controversy, but President Trump was reappointed to take the seat. In August, he caused controversy by telling Congress that he would not give an election-related security briefing or testimony until the end of the presidential election.

US intelligence authorities have warned several times that countries hostile to the US, such as China, Russia, and Iran, are trying to interfere with the presidential election.

Washington = Correspondent Park Hyun-young [email protected]

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