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Have you ever felt like your computer is slow for some reason? There are many reasons why a computer slows down, such as insufficient memory, internal problems, virus infection, etc.

Posted on September 19, 2022,Mitchi|Mr. Computer savvy @mittii_bizof”If you feel that your computer is slow, try[Ctrl + Shift + Esc]. If[Cliciwch ar y dde ⇨ Gorffen tasg]on the one with a large memory number, the operation will be lighter, so try it. It also removes Zoom’s jerkyness. In my case, Chrome and slack use a lot of memory. Don’t finish tasks you don’t understand.It has more than 27,000 “likes” and has become a hot topic on Twitter.

This time, I would like to present the details about this tweet and the various views received in the reply column.

What is a task manager?

By entering the shortcut key[Ctrl + Shift + Esc]presented in the tweet, you can call “Task Manager”. “Task Manager” is a management function that allows you to check and terminate the applications and programs running on your computer.

Do you know “Task Manager”? (Image taken by editorial department)

It’s not a function you’ll use often, but when you feel like your computer is slow, it’s mostly due to a lack of memory, so let’s check here first.

Choose apps with high memory usage

Let’s check “Memory” which is tab of “Process” (Image taken by editorial department)

For example, if you are using Windows 10, open “Task Manager” and click on the “Processes” tab. Then, a list of running applications will be displayed, so select the program that uses a lot of memory and click “End task” at the bottom right. There is also “End Task” even if you right-click when you select the application, so there is no problem even if you end it from there.

Posted by Mitch | A person familiar with computers said that “Chrome” and “slack” use a lot of memory, so I checked my computer and found “illustrator” which I use for design work. However, the memory was by no means consumed.

Never finish a task you are not sure about!

Twitter users who read this post said, “It is also important to remove unnecessary applications. Do not leave the applications you installed when you use your computer? , there is a possibility that the processing performance of the computer can be recovered. “If you ask me, if I do[Ctrl + Shift + Esc]first, I’ll be like someone who knows a lot about computers, so I use it a lot.” has been

Learning how to use the “Task Manager” will definitely make your computer’s life smoother, but ending tasks unnecessarily can crash your computer. Mitchie | As computer savvy people have said in their tweets, it’s important not to finish tasks you don’t understand.

Shortcut keys are convenient in an emergency

Usually, “Task Manager” is generally opened by right-clicking on an empty area of ​​the “Start” menu or taskbar. However, if you remember the shortcut key[Ctrl + Shift + Esc]introduced in this tweet, you can call “Task Manager” immediately even if your computer hangs. It’s one of those handy shortcut keys that you have to remember, so if you often use your computer for work or private, keep it in the corner of your head.

How many keyboard shortcuts do you use every day? It’s convenient, so remembering it should help.

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