“If you get the flu vaccine, the risk of dementia is 40% ↓”

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Seonggan Han = A study found that a flu vaccine could help prevent dementia.

A study by Professor Paul Schultz, a neurologist at the University of Texas at McGovern Medical School, found that older adults who received even one flu vaccine had a 40% lower risk of Alzheimer’s dementia than those who did not get the flu vaccine announced the results of the study, MedicalXpress reported on the 25th.

The research team compared and analyzed the incidence of dementia among 93,5887 people over the age of 65 who received the flu vaccine at least once across the country over 4 years and 935,887 people in the control group who did not get the flu vaccine.

The risk of dementia was 5.1% for the elderly who received the flu vaccine, and 8.5% for the elderly who did not receive the flu vaccine.

Overall, older adults vaccinated against the flu had a lower risk of dementia over several years.

The risk of dementia tended to decrease with the number of years of vaccination.

In particular, the risk of dementia was lowest among the elderly who were regularly vaccinated against the flu every year, the research team found.

This suggests that the flu vaccine is effective in protecting against dementia, the researchers said.

However, given that there are some studies showing that other vaccines, such as tetanus and herpes vaccines, also have this effect, the research team does not think that it is a specific effect of the toxic flu vaccine, the research team added.

Our immune system is very complex. In the case of pneumonia, the immune system can be activated in the direction of worsening dementia, but conversely, there may be cases where the immune system is activated in the direction of preventing dementia, the research team explained.

In this regard, the research team suggested that it would be worth examining whether there is a link between the vaccine against COVID-19 and Alzheimer’s dementia.

The results of this study will be published in the ‘Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease’ on August 2nd.

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