If you have been infected with COVID-19 before, recommend the next dose of the vaccine. But how many months should I leave?

“Mo Yong” reiterates that even though he is already infected with COVID-19, it is recommended to receive the vaccine in the next dose. Leave enough time after infection.

Professor Dr. Yong Phuwarawan, Head of the Center of Excellence in Clinical virology Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University posted on Facebook Yong Poovorawan about the COVID-19 virus, stating that COVID-19 is an immune vaccine caused by vaccination. compared to infection

It is of great interest to study

The infection has a chance of being seriously ill and in hospital. nor the side effects of the vaccine

vaccine-induced immunity measured at much higher doses than the infectious ones Because it uses a large amount of antigens, especially mRNA.

Infection in nature can build immunity well.

From a study in America (Journal of American Journal of Public Health, 2023; 113:96-104) there is interesting data.

Those who received the vaccine and those who became infected after a long follow-up. Those who were vaccinated were found to have a higher chance of becoming infected than those who had previously been infected

Severity of disease among those reinfected versus those infected after vaccination. found to be opposite Those who are re-infected or infected after the initial infection are more serious. People who are infected after being vaccinated, that is, sick in hospital. Serious illness or death than those who have been vaccinated and are infected

This information shows the importance of vaccination. even if he is already infected There is a reason to receive the vaccine in the next dose. by leaving a reasonable period of time after infection especially for more than 6 months

Information from Professor Dr Yong Poovorawan

Photo from TNN ONLINE


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