“If you miss the January application, you will regret it.” Bogeumjari loan interest rate to rise from February

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The Korea Housing Finance Corporation announced on the 21st that it would raise the February interest rate of the ‘Bogeumjari Loan’, a long-term fixed-rate, amortized housing mortgage loan, by 0.10 percentage point from the previous month.
Accordingly, based on the completion of the application on February 1, the ‘u-Bogeumjari Loan’ and ‘t-Bogeumjari Loan’ by loan maturity range from 3.20% (10 years) to 3.50% (40 years), and the ‘Akim e-Bogeumjari Loan’ ‘, which is 0.1 percentage point lower than this, 3.10% (10 years) to 3.40% (40 years) is applied as the base interest rate until maturity.
An official from the corporation explained, “The interest rate on the Bogeumjari loan has been inevitably adjusted due to the rise in the interest rate on government bonds.
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