‘If you plug it in, you will succeed’ Kim Yeon-kyung’Opening 8 consecutive wins’


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Heungkuk Life, a professional volleyball player with Kim Yeon-kyung, took the lead with 8 consecutive victories in the opening.

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Kim Yeon-kyung, who continued to play an active part today.

With this spike in 1 set, a total of 600 points for a back-end attack!

In the 3rd set, a total attack of 2500 points was achieved with this large spike!

Heungkuk Life Insurance also achieved a 3-0 win and increased the women’s opening streak record to 8 consecutive wins.


In the male section, a band electrode was unfolded.

KEPCO, which fell behind with a set score of 0-2,

They led Samsung Fire Insurance to a full-set battle.

Naturally, director Hee-jin Ko’s voice increases.

[고희진/삼성화재 감독]

“Don’t be anxious. Lose it. Don’t be embarrassed. They’re kids with a higher salary than us. They’re good guys. We’re normal and lose!”

Despite the coach’s encouragement, KEPCO’s victory was 3-2.

KEPCO, who had been in the last place with a 7th straight victory in the opening, rises to 5th place with 3 consecutive wins after a large trade.

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