If you really want to lose weight, combine cardio and strength training

To lose weight successfully, you need to combine aerobic exercise with strength training. [사진=클립아트코리아]

If there is no change in weight despite exercising hard every day, you should check your exercise routine first. In particular, you should look at whether it is a way to extend aerobic exercise only and reduce strength training. This is because aerobic exercise and strength training must be combined in order to lose weight successfully. In particular, it is more effective if you do strength training first before seriously walking. Discover the most effective way to lose weight.


◆ Do strength training first and for a long time before aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise refers to exercise that gets you out of breath, such as brisk walking or swimming. It is good for improving cardiorespiratory function by consuming calories and delivering oxygen to the muscles. Strength training through exercise such as dumbbells, weight lifting, and squats can increase muscle mass.

When we start exercising, our body uses carbohydrates before fat. This is because carbohydrates are easily converted into energy. Exercises that use carbohydrates first are strength exercises that use therefore Strength training before aerobic exercise can help you lose weightis useful for It is more effective to do strength training for a longer period than aerobic exercise.

◆ Even if you run, lower body strength exercises are separate.

If you’ve been running, wouldn’t you need a separate lower body strength workout? Since strength training and aerobic exercise have different exercise characteristics, lower body strength training is required separately. Also, if only the upper body has a lot of muscle and the lower body has less muscle, the imbalance between the upper and lower body can put stress on the knees. therefore Upper and lower body strength training It is well done. Even if you jog or run, you need to do lower body strength exercises like squats and incline climbs.


◆ The most important thing is to drink enough water

Hydration is essential when exercising. Especially in dry weather like these days, it’s even more important. If you feel thirsty during exercise, you are already dehydrated. Even if I’m not thirsty You should drink small amounts of water several times a day. It can prevent dehydration. Carbonated drinks or juices are not very useful to quench thirst during exercise because they have a high glucose ratio and are slowly absorbed by the body.

◆ To lose weight, you need a good protein intake

As our body mainly uses carbohydrates for energy during exercise, it is necessary to consume carbohydrates appropriately before exercise. Alternatively, fatigue may worsen during exercise. Use high quality protein for muscle recovery and strengtheningwhich are also needed, in particular Chicken breast and black beans back well Foods made by processing soybean protein in soybeans are quickly absorbed by the body and help to recover damaged muscles, so eating foods that contain black beans is useful .


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