If you smoke all paper cigarettes and e-cigarettes, you are exposed to corona… Sudden increase in the risk of serious disease |

A study has found that double smokers who enjoy adding heated e-cigarettes to existing cigarettes are at high risk of being infected with Corona virus 19. Specifically, in this case, it was found that the possibility of severe corona disease has increased significantly.

In a research paper published on the 3rd by Professor Kazuhisa Asai at Osaka Public University Medical School in Japan, people who smoke heated type cigarettes and e-cigarettes are more likely to be infected with corona than people who do not they smoke or people who smoke one. cigarette type or heated cigarette. In particular, he warned that double smoking increases the risk of not only corona infection but also serious disease.

The research team collected data from 1097 men and women aged 16 to 81 who were infected once in 2020-2021, analyzed smoking habits, including heated e-cigarettes, and corona infection and status at the time of infection, and investigate the relationship.

As a result, the rate of confirmed cases was lowest among non-smokers at 2.34%. 2.58% smoked cigarettes only, and 4.81% smoked heated e-cigarettes only. In the case of smoking both cigarettes, the corona confirmation rate rose to 19.27%.

Non-smokers accounted for 23.3% of patients who were hospitalized after being diagnosed with COVID-19. 37.6% of people who only smoke cigarettes and 37.7% of people who only enjoy heated cigarettes were similar. Among double smokers who smoked both cigarettes, the rate of severe disease was 69.5%, which was much higher.

Professor Asai analyzed, “Cigarette-like cigarettes are also harmful to health and increase the risk of corona infection, but if you enjoy all the heated meals, you can belong to the high risk group regardless of age.” In other words, smoking one cigarette also increases the likelihood of corona infection and serious disease, but the conclusion is that double smokers are more vulnerable to corona as the total smoking increases.

It is also worth noting that heated e-cigarettes have a greater risk of corona than cigarettes. This is because it is the exact opposite of e-cigarette companies’ claims that heating type cigarettes are less harmful to the human body than cigarettes.

There is still debate about how harmful heated and liquid e-cigarettes are. Neutral studies, in which tobacco companies are not the subject of research or are funded by tobacco companies, have shown that e-cigarettes are just as harmful to the human body as cigarettes. In the case of an old model e-cigarette that was smoked by inserting a stick, a study by the University of Nottingham in the UK found that harmful carbonated substances were found in the smoke.

Tobacco companies have claimed that heat or liquid type e-cigarettes have less odor or harmful substances than cigarette-like cigarettes. Smokers who have difficulty quitting smoking even though they are worried about a decline in health sometimes choose e-cigarettes.

Professor Asai said, “Whether smoking is a form of cigarette or e-cigarette, both can increase the risk of corona infection and exacerbation, and it is clear that smoking-related diseases like cancer that are called.” he said.

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