“If you take menstrual pain medication every month, will you develop a tolerance?” replied the pharmacist

One in two women suffer from menstrual cramps once a month. There is a fast acting menstrual pain medicine called painkiller, but I have to bear the burden of taking it for a long time every month for about a week. However, experts recommend that you do not suffer the pain and discomfort of menstrual cramps and only take pain relievers. Pharmacist Kim Ji-young set out to clear up misunderstandings about menstrual cramps.

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Are you developing a tolerance to menstrual cramps?
There are not a few women who think that it is not good to take medicine and suffer blindly, even though menstrual cramps are so severe that they cannot go about their daily lives. Pharmacist Kim Ji-young replied, “We usually take antipyretic analgesics or anti-inflammatory analgesics for menstrual pain, but they are all medicines that do not cause tolerance or addiction.”

He continued, “The medicine worked well before, but if you don’t want to take it this time, it’s because the degree of pain, that is, the progression of the disease, has worsened, so you need to come from until the case. the worsening menstrual cramps.” Depending on the state of the month or the stressful situation, there may be a difference in the degree of pain. However, in the case of severe pain, it may be secondary dysmenorrhea caused by the pathological source of the inside the pelvis. Causes of secondary dysmenorrhea include endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease and infection, adenomyosis, fibroids and polyps and adhesions, and ovarian cysts. If severe pain is repeated, it is recommended to find a hospital and see a doctor to determine the cause of the disease.

Is it good to take period pain medication beforehand?
The main culprit of primary dysmenorrhea that occurs without splenic lesions is a hormone called prostaglandin (PG). So, if you want to take painkillers for menstrual cramps, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) that block this hormone are most useful.

If you have severe premenstrual syndrome (PMS), it is natural to take pain relievers before your period starts. However, pharmacist Kim Ji-young replied that if you have pain after the start of your period, you do not need to take it beforehand. Menstrual cramps are not bad, but there is no need to take excessive doses when you don’t need them.

Pharmacist Kim Ji-young explained, “A painkiller in a fast-absorbing soft capsule can be effective immediately even if you take it when the pain starts.” In that regard, we recommend a product that is easy to carry. He added, “Nowadays, products that come in large quantities are being released, so they are convenient even when going out.”

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