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Pictograms have become an essential part of digital communication today. Even when exchanging small messages, you can express friendship by adding simple pictograms. As you can see from the fact that pictograms are written as “Emoji” abroad, they actually originate from Japan.
Posted on October 4, 2022,Mitchi|Mr. Computer savvy @mittii_bizoh“If you want to use pictograms on your computer, try[allwedd Windows + . (cyfnod)]. You can type smartphone pictograms from your computer, so give it a try. Work messages tend to be inorganic. Emojis like “Thank you ✨” and “I understand ????” will be a nice accent. Try. “The tweet has more than 700 “likes” and has become a hot topic on Twitter.

This time, I would like to present the details about this tweet and the various views received in the reply column.

How to display “Emoji Viewer” on a PC

It’s easy to type on a smartphone, but surprisingly there are many people who don’t know where the pictograms are on a computer.

If you want to enter pictograms on your computer, you can call up a list of pictograms by pressing[Allwedd Windows + .]. Not only pictograms, but also GIFs, emoticons, symbols with unknown names, etc. can be searched with the above shortcut keys, so make a note of them somewhere.

The shortcut key to display the pictogram list on a computer is[allwedd Windows + .]

I believe that pictograms are rarely used in business emails, but if you are exchanging messages with close friends or within the company, adding a few pictograms to your sentences could facilitate smooth communication.

In recent years, partly due to the impact of the coronavirus, an increasing number of companies have introduced chat tools for business communication during teleworking. In chat exchanges, even if you don’t want to answer, but you want to convey some kind of feeling to the other person, you can solve it by sending emojis like “????” or “????” instead.

Mac users[rheolaeth + gorchymyn + gofod]

Twitter users who read this post commented, “It’s really good that you can put emoji in Excel!” ‘, ‘A convenient shortcut.

The[allwedd Windows + .]presented in the tweet is a shortcut key on a Windows computer, so if you’re using a Mac series, you can display the pictogram viewer with[rheolaeth + gorchymyn + gofod]. In the case of a Mac, you can also call up the pictogram viewer by clicking “Show pictograms and symbols” from the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Also when posting blogs and SNS ◎

Emoji can convey subtle nuances that text alone cannot. Even when posting articles like blogs and SNS from a computer, pictograms will make them look beautiful. .

I tend to use more emoticons than pictograms when communicating on my computer, but I was pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of emoticons available in the viewer. I want to use it immediately when I write comments on bulletin boards and SNS.

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* (Environment-dependent characters and pictograms included in account names such as Twitter and Instagram may not be reflected in articles.)