If you want to eat crab, now is your chance… Why is the price ‘halved’?

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Russian snow crab prices have come down. In the past 5 days, compared to a month ago, it has even dropped to half the price.

According to the seafood price information at the Noryangjin Seafood Wholesale Market, the average successful bid price for live fish from Russia today (the 7th) is 4,2400 won per kg.

The average successful bid price per kg the previous day (6th) was 4,1200 won, and the average successful bid price for the last 5 days was 28,800 won.

At the beginning of last month, the average successful bid price for crabs from Russia exceeded the mid-range of 50,000 won per kg.

The fall in prices seems to be due to the Chinese lockdown.

It is analyzed that the decline in the price of snow crabs was influenced by the fact that Russian snow crab shipments from China, which were heading for China, came to Korea, and domestic importers who were concerned about a supply shortage secured the large amount of crabs.

However, this decline does not appear to be long.

The price is expected to rise again when the inventory brought into Korea is exhausted and China lifts the lockdown and consumption revives.