If you want to have good skin, you have to do this! 4 ways to take care of your face from American Board dermatologist ‘Dr. Benz-Dr. Natthapat Meenchainan, MD’

“If I had done this 10 years ago, I would have looked 5 years younger than now.”

The unfortunate saying of Dr. Benz – Dr. Nattapat Minchainan, MD

Although taking care from the inside out is very important for the health of the skin. But nourishing the outer layer of the skin with skin care is also considered indispensable. Benz-Dr. Nattaphat Meenchainan founding physician Alpha Medical Clinic who accepted the American Board for up to 3 specialist areas, including studying the science of skin care through the subject of Cosmetology until proficient by How to properly care for the skin of the face Dr Benz recommends it to everyone What will there be? Follow along.

Dr. Benz – Dr. Nattapat Minchainan, MD

looks good from the inside

Important principles that Dr Benz adheres to and emphasizes to patients who regularly come to consult about skin problems, which is to care for the skin from the inside “I personally believe that the skin is an indicator of the health of the body.” When the body is weak or abnormal The first area that is often sued is skin there

As well as exercise to strengthen the immune system in the body, allowing various systems to work efficiently As a result, the skin looks healthy and strong. Dr. Benz also revealed that “Usually the fat under the skin is mostly excreted through sweat. So, exercise to sweat. helping to remove dirt and grease from the pores making the skin cleaner The chances of acne are reduced as well. But after the exercise is over You should also wash your face immediately. “

when noticing the self and choosing to eat appropriately It is also important for the health of the skin. If at any time there is a certain food group such as eggs, chicken or cow’s milk, then skin problems start to arise. of never before It is most likely caused by “Light food intolerance” which can examine such anomalies by preventing the intake of dangerous food And observe your own skin or see a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis.

Beautiful skin starts with cleanliness.

clean face This is the most important starting point for skin care. The facial cleansing products can be divided into 2 groups, namely the non-exfoliating group. (Non-Exfoliate) for daily skin cleansing. and the exfoliation group (Exfoliate), which should be used regularly every two weeks. To stimulate the creation of new skin cells there. Where each person can choose to use the texture of the two groups of products according to their preferences.

Get it right, you don’t need much.

when the skin is clean therefore ready for maintenance And the key principle in adding moisture to the skin is to choose the right products. In people with oily skin or dehydrated oily skin should choose a moisturizer. with water as the main component (Water Based) or oil-free products (Oil Free), while those with dry skin can choose oil-based products. Which one should choose a non-clogging type. (Non-comedogenic)

The best anti-aging sunscreen

The last step in skin care or sunscreen is what Dr. Benz places the most importance on. and emphasizing the choice of products that can protect the skin from all radiation (Spectrum Board), including the choice of suitable skin conditions and that it is necessary to make enough of which sun cream products on the market It can be divided into two large groups: Sun block and Eli Haul, Dr. Benz recommends that both groups should be kept in the house. to change applications to suit your skin type and daily needs

Sun Block Sunscreen products that use sunscreens such as Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide which have the ability to block all rays. The sunscreen products in this group are suitable for all skin types. Especially those with acne, inflamed skin or redness, but if they are used continuously for a long time. Some products may cause a rash.

While the group of sunscreen products that choose to use substances in the Cinnamates, Salicylates, Benzophenones and PABA group will be classified in the Sunscreen category, namely these sunscreens. Suitable for those who want to prevent blemishes in particular. But in people with acne problems or with sensitive skin they should be avoided.

Although we can all have a variety of skin care products. for choosing to use in every occasion but Dr. Benz has left along with interesting reminders for everyone “We don’t need (skin care) like all friends. Every person has different skin conditions and problems. Choosing the right product for your own skin is the best.” How to properly care for the skin of the face

And here is the list of skin care products that Dr. Benz uses and recommends. from facial cleansing products to sunscreen that should not be absent from the daily skin care routine

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