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If you want to set off as a Pokémon Trainer in real life, what do you need to prepare?

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Tuesday, October 19, B.E. 2021, 19 o’clock 30 minutes 23 seconds, Indochina time.

in game Pokémon We may be familiar with images of young people with Pokémon My lover, carrying a backpack to explore the vast world, but that makes the author feel nauseous all the time that “Are you guys going out for months and years with just that bag?” and compared to reality Just go to Boy Scout camp for 3 days, 2 people still carry more.

That makes the author try to assume that if we are going to travel to be. Pokémon Trainer In real life, what do we need to bring along? until it becomes 7 important items that must be carried if it is Pokémon Trainer

1. Money


Even going to the entrance of the alley, you have to carry money in case of buying soybean juice on hand. What about traveling across the city for several months? If you’re going to travel, you’ll need funds to cover things like train tickets, accommodation while in the city. or food expenses. If you are planning to travel long distances for a long time, you need to prepare a lot of money for peace of mind. You can carry it as a credit card or cash. But the best way is to carry both of them better. And if you have a way to earn money while traveling, it will help a lot.

2. Living equipment

Survival Kit

if you want Pokémon In the forest you have to walk into the forest and to find Pokémon A good forest takes a long time. Until then, you will definitely have a chance to pitch a tent and sleep in the middle of the forest. And if you carry things into the forest like when you go for a walk in Siam, isn’t it? Forest survival gear like a pitcher, fire sticks, rope, insect repellent, emergency blankets, a first aid kit, or at least a knife. To make life in the forest a little more comfortable, it’s still good. The rest depends on your abilities.

3. Communication and signaling equipment

Signal & Communication

If on any lucky day, you fall into the water – get lost in the forest or get hit Pokémon The greedy forest chases them lost. can’t find a way back Indicates that it’s time for emergency supplies to call for help. If you are in an ax chiseled situation The best option is to seek help from the outside world. to put yourself in a safe place Not just in the forest If your car breaks down on the highway You need to call for help too. Or if just worried about people at home can call home to inquire about the well-being It could be a telephone, a radio, a beacon, a flashlight, or even a mirror. can be used according to the situation

4. Backup power source


communication equipment and electronic tools need to be fully charged No matter how convenient your device is, but if the battery runs out, it’s over. It is a necessity in this day and age. because I just want to have a call USB One line, you can charge almost anything. If you do not travel through the community or prosperity for a long time, there is a backup battery. Solar Cell It’s a wise choice at all.

5. Navigation


If you don’t know the way, how will you get there!? Because everywhere there’s not always a sign pointing the way. And yes, there will be people who are kind to guide you. Relying on yourself by looking at the map is the best option. In this era, there are many different navigation devices. since the map above Smartphone, GPS in Smart Watch Or you can use an ancient method like a compass when in the woods. If you want to reach your destination safely Better carry these things.

6. Spare clothes


in Anime Or the game, no one cares. If we wear the same clothes repeatedly, but in real life, we can’t sniff that number! If you are not on a rough journey like going up the hill or into the forest. Having two sets of clothes to change and then wash and cycle. It’s a good choice. But if it’s an adventure This may not be necessary.

7. Food and Items for Pokémon

Pokemon Supply

don’t forget that Pokémon It’s a kind of living thing. Food must be eaten, medicine must be used, and if you are born as a duck chasing a field, it would not be very suitable. Carrying food or medicine for Pokémon will be indispensable at all. The more you carry Pokémon a lot or have Pokémon Big ones, especially the cabicon. You may need to carry sacks of food at all, or if your route has one. Pokémon Center You might as well use the money to solve the problem. This does not include medication to take. Pokémon Injured during the fight

After coming to a conclusion, to be Pokémon Trainer In real life, it’s not as comfortable as in the game. But it’s not impossible. Because if you prepare well, plan well, travel around the world like Backpacker For years, I can still do it. Being Pokémon Trainer Traveling wouldn’t be much more difficult than this.


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