“If you win, you’ll feel like the next president.” That’s right… 1st place with a Messi approval rating of 37%.

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With Argentina winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which ended a while ago, a poll showed that “football hero” Lionel Messi is likely to win the next presidential election in Argentina.

According to the French media Le Parisien on the 28th, in a simple poll of 2,500 people conducted by the Argentine polling agency ‘Giacove y Associados’, 43.7% of the respondents said they would support Messi in the next presidential election. 37.8% of respondents said they would not support it, and 17.5% of the floating class withheld their choice.

In a survey including politicians who are likely to run for next year’s presidential election, Messi is also in first place in approval ratings. Messi’s approval rating was 36.7%, more than three times higher than the second, Javier Millay (12%). In third place is former president and current vice president Christina Kirchner (11%).

In fact, Messi is often mentioned as a candidate for the next presidency in Argentine politics.

Former Argentine President Mauricio Macri recently said in an interview with Spanish media Marca, “Is it necessary to hold a presidential election next year? I strongly recommend Messi as the next president,” he said, adding, “It is clear that all the people will elect Messi as president,” which became a hot topic.

Le Parisien explained, “Argentina’s polling agency did not make the survey official,” adding, “It reminds us that Argentina is passionate about soccer and Messi.”

However, it seems unlikely that Messi will jump straight into politics. “I will not retire from the Argentine national team,” Messi said. I want to continue playing in the A game like a champion,” he said, saying that there is no retirement from the national team for now.

Argentina have lifted the World Cup trophy for the first time in 36 years since the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. Although he is 35 years old this year and about to retire, Messi played a big part in the Qatar World Cup with 7 goals and 3 assists.

He also broke records for the most appearances (26 games) and the longest appearance (2314 minutes) in World Cup history. In addition to the most attacking points in the World Cup (13 goals and 8 assists), he also took first place in the most wins (17 wins).

Messi’s main career is △World Cup Champion △World Cup Golden Ball twice (most ever) △Continental Cup Champion and MVP △UEFA Champions League Champion △European League Champion and MVP △Olympic Football Champion △Ballon d’Or 7 times (most ever) △FIFA Player of the Year Award 6 times (most ever) △UEFA Player of the Year Award.

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