Igaimae, a brand specializing in sleep, introduces new eco-friendly memory foam mattresses

Igaimae, a brand specializing in sleeping products, newly introduced ‘Memory Foam Mattress’, a new functional mattress that has received eco-friendly certifications ‘CertiPUR-US’ and ‘OEKO-TEX’.

According to Igaimae on the 00th, it launched a memory foam mattress optimized for sleep in line with the changes in the functional mattress market.

Memory foam was developed to protect the backs and spines of NASA aviators, and then developed into medical products and sleeping products. It helps the spine and joints maintain a natural posture while minimizing the pressure on muscles and nerves to help you get a deep sleep.

Unlike mattresses sold on the market, Igaimae memory foam mattress is composed of a ‘double-layer structure’ that combines 38kg/m3 of high-density gel memory foam and 20kg/m3 of memory foam.

In addition, the verification of harmful substances such as radon, formaldehyde and pralate has been completed. The mattress size consists of two sizes, Super Single and Queen.

An official from Igaimae explained, “The mattress was designed to provide an optimized sleeping environment in consideration of the individual body type of the user.”

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