IKEA launches limited VARMBLIXT collection focusing on home lighting | IKEA Japan Co., Ltd. press release.

The VARMBLIXT Limited Collection was born from IKEA’s desire to make more people more curious about home lighting. This collaboration is based on IKEA’s idea of ​​the importance of light for health and well-being (a state of physical and mental well-being), and the idea of ​​“changing the perception of lighting from being purely functional. existence to mobile existence.”Achieving long-term goals.

IKEA’s design philosophy of “democratic design”* and Sabine Marcelis’ unique design characterized by minimal shapes and styles, intuitive light and color are fused in a limited collection created by sculptures that make use of lights and light. A total of 17 items will be on sale, including stylish accessories such as , and rugs designed with sunset light inspiration.

A special feature is the donut shaped motif, the perfect infinity of shapes that characterize Sabine’s work. The first product series inspired by this donut shape will be available in 2 sizes of glass bowls and 1 lamp. The VARMBLIX LED table / wall lamp is also a versatile item that can be mounted on the wall or displayed on a table.

Sabine Marcelis said:
“I want to take an unexpected approach to exploring how lighting works in the home and move people’s hearts. I want people to feel like they want to blend it into a unique space and make it stand out.”

Henrik Most, Creative Leader at IKEA of Sweden said:
“When creating the VARMBLIXT collection, our vision was to develop the idea of ​​combining (functional) design with sculptural (art-like) objects. Hopefully everyone will feel the wonder of incorporating multi-purpose objects that combine functionality while pursuing a functional aesthetic in the space.”

Why don’t you live with “VARMBLIXT Limited Collection”, whose sophisticated sculptural design stimulates the quest for the power of light?

About Sabine Marcelis https://sabinemarcelis.com/

Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Sabine Marcelis is a designer fascinated by the inherent properties of materials and the effects they create. In areas such as product development, installation, and spatial design, we seek to create magical experiences through captivating design. He graduated from Eindhoven College of Design. Her work has been well received at international design festivals. He was awarded Designer of the Year by the British design magazine Wallpaper and was selected as one of the top 100 creators by the American design magazine Architectural Digest in 2021 and 2022.

Overview of the collection

■ Collection name: VARMBLIXT Limited Collection
■ Sales locations: IKEA stores nationwide, IKEA online store
*Some products may not be available in some stores.
*The number is limited. Ends as soon as it’s gone.
■ Sale starts: February 1, 2023 (Wednesday)
■URL: https://www.ikea.jp/varmblixt
*Depending on the spread of the new coronavirus infection, store operations and release dates may change.
* Three lights from VARMBLIXT’s limited collection, including the LED table/wall lamp and the LED wall lamp, are designed for long-term sales.

[Cyflwyno rhai cynhyrchion (pris yn cynnwys treth)]

LED table / wall lamp
As the light passes through the lamp’s orange glass, the light donut-like shape glows warmly. A lamp that emits great light and can be used as a table lamp or a wall lamp. Built-in LEDs are used, so there is no need to replace bulbs. Furthermore, it is an environmentally friendly product that has a lifespan of 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs and uses 85% less energy.

LED wall lamp
Have you ever seen a “solar eclipse” seconds before the moon hides the sun? If so, the light of this circular LED wall lamp should bring it to mind. Soft light like a beautiful painting attracts your gaze. The light spreads towards the wall behind the curved part of the lamp and upwards, creating a soft atmosphere. This is also an energy saving and environmentally friendly product that uses embedded LEDs.

serving bowl with lid
This small glass serving bowl has a lid that doubles as a bowl. Perfect for holding snacks, sweets, or storing small items. It can be used alone as a beautiful object.

Combining frosted glass with a sturdy dark red metal handle, the tray is easy to grip and carry. Perfect with other cocktail accessories from the VARMBLIXT collection, it will add style to your table.

champagne coup
A low wide mouth glass is perfect for sparkling wine or champagne in a magical setting. The table is lovely.

A timeless and stylish way to serve your drinks. Attractive with clean lines, this product comes with a long white glass stirrer so you can mix all the ingredients in the glass carafe and pour it straight into your glass.

A paper napkin
¥149 / 30 pieces
Inspired by the orange and yellow hues of sunlight. If you decorate it with tableware, it will be a lovely color accent that will liven up your tableware coordination.

The rugs are hand copied by skilled artisans using a high density soft wool pile, so each rug is unique. The gradation from bright orange to dark orange is like sunshine, and not only does it look soothing, but it also has a soft feel that softens the sound, making it perfect for those who want to relax .

Hand drawn by skilled craftsmen. The gradient of this handmade woolen rug was inspired by the different shades of yellow in the sunlight. The playful shape, which looks like two rugs stacked on top of each other, is perfect for limited spaces.

a vase
The glass vase has clean lines and is stylish both as a vase and as a standalone object. A small glass ball at the bottom not only adds playfulness, but also helps hold the stem in place.

*This means we need to create products that combine beautiful design, superior functionality, sustainability, high quality and are available at affordable prices. IKEA calls this “democratic design”.

*Some products may not be available in some stores.
* The arrival status of each product varies depending on the store. Check the IKEA online store (www.IKEA.jp) for the availability and stock status of each store.

IKEA Japan official website
IKEA Japan Newsroom

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