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IKEA x ROG gaming furniture will be released in Japan in May 2021! –funglr Games

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Various manufacturers are now selling gaming devices.
High-spec and fashionable design such as keyboard, mouse, monitor and headset as well as the PC itself.AndGlowing gaming deviceThere are many on sale, so I’m glad that you can choose according to your environment and taste.
But install that deviceFurnitureThe wave of gaming is not yet in full swing.
in JapanBauhutteGrabbing the gamer’s heartAttractive gaming furnitureWe have released a lot of products, but there are still few options in the world.
Meanwhile, “Sweden origin” that sells furniture with excellent cost performanceIKEA“, ASUS gaming brand”PLEASEI mentioned earlier in funglr Games that “” is developing gaming furniture in a tag team, but this timeIKEA x ROG gaming furnitureRegardingA follow-up report has been announced!

A collaboration between ROG and IKEA! Announcing the development of gaming furniture!

Deploying 6 series targeting PC gamers

Mainly gaming furniture jointly developed by IKEA and ROGTarget PC gamersage,6 product seriesIt was announced that it will be deployed in.
「MAIN PLAYER」 「OUTDOOR PLAYER」 「MATCH PLAY」 「GROUP GAME」 「PLAY PLAY」 「LOAN PLAYER」In the series development of, the “UPP SPEL” series in itDesigned by IKEA and ROGIt will be an item of.
Product lineupDeploy over 30So, it seems that it can be widely used not only for those who will build a gaming environment from now on, but also for expansion and additional purchases.
The image released this time is a gaming chair in two colors, white and black.MATCH GAME gaming chair

IKEA official website news page

Perhaps a hoistable gaming desk with a USB portPLAY gaming desk

IKEA official website news page

A side table-like cabinet that can store gaming devices and foodUPPSPEL drawer unit on castors

IKEA official website news page

A gaming desk with a simple structure, but the net installed under the top plate seems to be convenient.OUTDOOR PLAYER gaming desk

IKEA official website news page

A set of mug holder, lid, and straw that can be installed on the deskLÅNESPELARE mug with lid and straw and mug holder

IKEA official website news page

A ring light and a smartphone holder that seem to be convenient for distribution and remote meetings are combined.LÅNESPELARE ring light with phone holder

IKEA official website news page

Cushions with pockets to warm your hands and blanket-like items to wearLÅNESPELARE multifunctional cushion/blanket

IKEA official website news page

furtherMouse bungeeOr

Mouse bungee
Mouse bungee

Neck pillowThere is also a lineup such as.

Neck pillow
Neck pillow

The target is PC gamers, but there are many items that seem to be good for consumer gamers and remote work, such as gaming chairs and gaming desks.
I can’t wait to announce all the products that will be released in Japan, but let’s wait for the next report!
Gaming devices tend to be expensive, but only for IKEA, which has excellent cost performance.Where the price range is worrisomeis not it.

It will be released in Japan in May 2021!

IKEA x ROG gaming furniture has been on sale at IKEA in China since January 29, 2021.
continueStarted selling at IKEA in Japan in May 2021, Scheduled to go on sale worldwide from October 2021.
I’m very happy that Japan was selected as the second earliest release region in the world!
It’s about 3 months later, but it would be nice if we could purchase it at funglr Games and deliver the assembly process when it is released. Let’s wait for the follow-up report first!
For more information, please check the news page (English) and IKEA TODAY (English) on the IKEA official website!

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