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IKKO impresses everyone the most is that it has many high-quality OH series earphones, which make people feel like listening to them every time.
Surprisingly, due to my living habits, I rarely use portable music players (DAP), most of them use PC/DS
Playing music, often sitting down for a whole day, IKKO recently released the ITM02 cheap portable ear amplifier,
Support PCM 32bit / 384kHz, high resolution DSD128, with pure white body, TYPE C is attached as soon as it leaves the factory,
Lightning is really full of sincerity. Using a portable DAC can not only resist background noise, but also improve the tri-band.
There is a noticeable improvement. I can’t go back after using it. Let’s test IKKO ITM02 today and compare it with
The difference between a computer or a mobile phone, and a sense of improvement!

1. simple unpacking

Let’s look at the product packaging first Eco-friendly cartons are used, and the detailed specifications are also indicated on the
On the box, it’s easy to understand.
IKKO Zerda ITM02 portable hifi decoding amp DAC, beautiful sound

IKKO Zerda ITM02 portable hifi decoding amp DAC, beautiful sound

The inclusion of portable DAC products is very simple, but necessary,
ITM02 with two transmission lines.
IKKO Zerda ITM02 portable hifi decoding amp DAC, beautiful sound

APPLE and Android phones can support
IKKO Zerda ITM02 portable hifi decoding amp DAC, beautiful sound

2. Specifications

● Built-in AKM4377 DAC chip
● Support PCM 32bit/384kHz, DSD128 dual decoding
● Environmentally friendly aluminum material ● Hi-Res certification
● dual interface TYPE C / Lightning
● Support PS5, Xbox, Switch
There are very few in-ear amplifiers with AKM chips on the market, such as
Players using CS can always hear the sound of CS, and players using AKM can still hear the sound of AK.
Each chip has its own unique characteristics, which is what makes playing with sound so engaging.

3. User experience

Let me talk about the principle of DAC first. A DAC is a chip that converts digital 0 and 1 signals into analog audio signals.
It should be easier to understand the DAC as a computer CPU. Whether a CPU is good or not, the first thing to look at is the CPU clock
the higher the clock frequency such as i9, i7, etc., the more data is processed better of course, and then look at other configurations such as CPU memory
Memory is quite useful for restoring the sound. Now the mobile is moving too fast, I personally recommend the external DAC,
In addition to reducing noise, it can also satisfy the habit of switching mobile phones.

I used it for this test, Mi 11T PRO was paired with a laptop + BGVP Lin PRO headphones
The IKKO ITM02 experience will analyze the degree of strengthening of low frequency and intermediate frequency performance.
Some headphones with too low frequency properties are not very suitable for audio experience.

Gayoung, BGVP Lin PRO,
It adopts a configuration of one ring and one iron, which is noble but not expensive. Its sound quality focuses on the performance of low and medium frequencies.
IKKO Zerda ITM02 portable hifi decoding amp DAC, beautiful sound

I can’t believe that so many accessories can be attached for less than 1,000 yuan.
IKKO Zerda ITM02 portable hifi decoding amp DAC, beautiful sound

The product has three configurations, all black (left and right), all white, half black and half white (one black and one white),
I like to be special, one side is black and the other is white is the focus of attention on the road.
IKKO Zerda ITM02 portable hifi decoding amp DAC, beautiful sound

This is the Lin PRO transparent shell, which is quite interesting.
IKKO Zerda ITM02 portable hifi decoding amp DAC, beautiful sound

Let’s look at the whole picture of the connection of BGVP Lin PRO ~
IKKO Zerda ITM02 portable hifi decoding amp DAC, beautiful sound

Tuning is to emphasize or correct the sound characteristics of a DAC through various circuits and electronic components such as oscillators, etc.
So even if the same DAC chip is used, there is a big difference. The basic sound of the AKM chip is gentle, the midrange is soft, and the bottom sound is sweet.

IKKO Zerda ITM02 portable hifi decoding amp DAC, beautiful sound

AK4377 is a mid-level product in AKM’s entire DAC product line,
The two important indicators of dynamic range and distortion can perform to an extent, which is definitely much better than the built-in mobile phone.

Let’s start with Charlie Puth’s nice contemplative song – Left and Right

Using IKKO ITM02, the difference from using a mobile phone is really a big difference,
Built-in sound card, the original human voice was dry and the bass was not enough, now after replacing it with ITM02
In addition to the larger sound field, the vocals are full of air, and the flexibility of the bass increases.
It’s not as good as the thumb dump effect (the mute of the B-brand earphones), but its thrust is extremely large, and it only needs 15% of the volume.
It is easy to control headphones in the ear. In terms of headphones, it only takes about 40~50%, which is enough to use.

As for background noise, I turned the volume up and down, but I didn’t find it, but the sound feels pretty clean.
IKKO re-circuit anti-noise should be quite careful.

Let’s listen to the stability of the mid frequency in another slow song, FIR – When love spreads,

There is a really harsh part of this song, it’s hard to feel the beginning with a normal computer
The sense of low frequency spread, with the IKKO ITM02, I realized that the sound effect at the beginning is so fun, and the sound field is also here
You can feel the extension of the rhyme, and even hear a sound flow from right to left in the middle,
I tried using some muffs or a flat headphone, listening to this song will make a big difference,
Interprets this song absolutely perfectly.

At the beginning of the female lead, the mid frequency is in the lead, which effectively pulls the instrument back half a step, and there is a lot of percussion in the background,
It can also be received in the ear, and its low frequency hit feel matches the BGVP Lin PRO, and in my audition experience
You definitely have a good score of 90 points or more. In this week’s experience, ITM02 is very popular with me. The intermediate frequency is warm and stable.
There is a certain sense of aftertaste and breathing sound, and the improvement of low frequency is definitely more than 30%.


IKKO Zerda ITM02 has a high-quality white matte appearance, which removes the limitation of changing the player, no matter if you are a computer or a mobile phone,
It will always give you consistent sound. It is a good product that combines appearance and function. The sound is bright and sweet, which is worth savoring carefully.
It can also support multiple platforms Android, APPLE, PC….

Let’s talk about BGVP Lin PRO, the price of one lap and one iron is even more affordable than expected, and the sound performance definitely satisfies the public’s appetite.
A new choice that is sure not to regret!

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