“I’ll give you 600 million won so I’m selling the baby”… The absurd woman who followed and harassed her mother[영상]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) In Texas, a woman in her 40s was arrested by the police after approaching a mother and threatening to sell her child for 600 million won.

According to US media Insider and local broadcaster KETK-TV on the 23rd (local time), Texas State Police arrested Rebecca Runnett Taylor (49) on charges of child trafficking, a third-degree felony.

According to police, Taylor terrorized the mother of a child last week.

He approached the baby’s mother at a self-checkout counter at a Walmart store in Crockett, Texas.

Then, praising the child’s blonde hair and blue eyes, I asked the mother how much she could afford the child.

At first, the mother thought it was a joke and tried to laugh it off, but Taylor said she had $250,000 in her car and was caught by the police as she continued to work to buy a child with the money.

Let’s see the video.

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