“I’ll sleep holding hands”…I found out that the ad-lib ‘Clothes Sleeve’ Junho Lee, Daldal’s ambassador

MBC ‘Red end of sleeves’

[인사이트] Reporter Jeong Hyeon-tae = It became known that the original script did not contain the line “Today, I will sleep holding hands” of ‘red end of the sleeves’, which was a big topic.

MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ episode 755, aired on the 26th, will feature a special feature on ‘Let’s Go to Our Palace’ with Lee Jun-ho, Lee Se-young, Jang Hye-jin, Oh Dae-hwan, Kang Hoon, and Lee Min-ji.

On this day, Junho Lee drew attention by revealing that the original script did not contain the line in the script for the annexation scene, “Today, I will really sleep holding hands”, which heated up SNS.

This scene was broadcast on the 16th episode of MBC’s ‘Red End of the Sleeve’.

InsightMBC ‘Radio Star’

At that time, Seong Deok-im (Lee Se-young) said to Lee San (Lee Jun-ho), who came to see him because he was sick, “Do you like Shin-cheop so much? If you don’t see it for even a day, will you get sick?”

At this, Lee San asked, “Who is hard to touch a sick person?” and smiled saying, “Today, I will really sleep holding hands.”

Afterwards, there was a scene where the two men held hands and fell asleep while hugging.

In an interview with YTN after the end of ‘Red End of the Sleeve’, Lee Se-young also cited “Today, I will really sleep holding hands” as a line that impressed me.

What kind of behind-the-scenes story is there in the line? Episode 755 of ‘Radio Star’ will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 26th.

InsightMBC ‘Red end of sleeves’



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