‘Illegal assembly’ Yang Kyung-soo, chairman of the KCTU… 2nd depth probation

[이데일리 하상렬 기자] Yang Kyung-soo, chairman of the National Federation of Trade Unions (KCTU), who was handed over to trial for violating quarantine rules and leading an illegal assembly, was also sentenced to a suspended sentence of imprisonment in the appeals court.

Yang Kyung-soo, chairman of the Korean Federation of Trade Unions (KCTU), who is accused of leading an illegal assembly, attends a trial on violations of the Assembly and Demonstration Law held at the Seoul Central District Court in Seocho-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 28th. (Photo = News 1)

On the morning of the 28th, on the morning of the 28th, the Seoul Central District Court Criminal Case Division 4-2 (Chief Judge Jeon Yeon-suk Cha Eun-kyung and Yang Ji-jeong) sentenced Yang to 1 year in prison, 2 years of probation, and a fine of 3 million won. sentenced

The court said, “The accused violated the Infectious Disease Prevention Act by repeatedly holding assemblies. Considering the circumstances that existed, the guilt of the defendant’s actions is not light,” he pointed out.

He also explained the reason for the sentencing, saying, “We have taken into account the fact that the assembly was an assembly activity for workers’ rights and interests and that the assembly did not spread COVID-19 or inflict serious harm to the quarantine system.”

In addition, the court also dismissed the request for adjudication on the constitutionality of the law, which Chairman Yang applied for for the prevention of infectious diseases. The court said, “In light of the legislative purpose of the Infectious Disease Prevention Act, the fact that the head of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the heads of local governments take all necessary measures to prevent infectious diseases, such as restricting or banning assemblies, is an appropriate regulation that is flexible due to the different requirements for each jurisdiction.” “The provisions of the Act on the Board of Directors do not infringe on the essence of freedom of assembly and demonstration, so it cannot be viewed as against the Constitution.”

Chairman Yang was arrested and indicted on charges of violating quarantine guidelines in downtown Seoul from May to July last year and leading several illegal rallies, including the National Workers’ Congress hosted by the KCTU.

During the trial, he admitted that he had violated the Gypsy Act, but argued that he could not admit that he had violated the Infectious Disease Prevention Act. It is against the law to ban gatherings only in situations where people are allowed to gather in shopping malls, etc.

However, the court found him guilty of the charges of Chairman Yang.

The first trial court also said, “As a representative of a workers’ group, it happened while I was calling for improvement in working conditions, but I repeatedly violated the law. Considering that the entire nation has been restricted from activities for a long time due to the spread of COVID-19, we have an obligation to comply with the quarantine guidelines of the state or local governments,” he said.

Chairman Yang, who was on trial against arrest, was released after the first trial was sentenced.

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