‘Ilyongi’ Park Eun-soo, from losing 5 billion won to the story of being convicted of 2 previous convictions.

[스포츠조선닷컴 박아람 기자] Actress Park Eun-soo admits her twisted past.

In the 24th episode of tvN STORY ‘Chairman’s People’, which is broadcast at 8:20pm on the 27th (Monday), the busy daily life of the Chairman’s family, which is busy preparing to welcome guests, unfolds . Baek Il-seop, a VIP guest of big brother Kim Yong-gun, plans to deliver a burst of laughter by revealing memories of his prime and the story of his first meeting with Kim Soo-mi.

While elder brother Kim Yong-gun and his wife Geum Dong-yi were busy tidying up the yard, Im-ho, who was in the middle of preparing to welcome Baek Il-seop as a VIP, burst out laughing when he saw Gye -is obsessed with singing, saying, “Isn’t it like a scene from a picture of the ant and the grasshopper?” burst After seeing the couple’s sweet appearance, Yong-geon remembers the past and sends a video letter to Go Doo-shim, who was his wife in the drama, saying, “Come over. I miss you . are you coming?” Kim Yong-gun sent a love call to Go Doo-shim over the phone once, so attention is paid to see if Go Doo-shim’s visit to the president’s house will be made.

Baek Il-seop and Kim Yong-gun are best friends who have even left their mark, and the latte conversation in the 70s and 80s is about to explode. In particular, Baek Il-seop surprised Kim Yong-gun and Lee Kye-in by revealing that he was the first actor invited by the Blue House and that the contract at the broadcasting station was 500,000 won at the time. Kim Yong-gun said, “The daily soap opera fee was earned by thousands, and I received a down payment of 100,000 earned.” In the case of Baek Il-seop, speaking now, BTS, he remembers the immense popularity at the time. Baek Il-seop, whose nickname is ‘Myeong-dong broom’, sweeps all over Myeong-dong and cutely boasts that he is the first Yata tribe. However, Kim Yong-gun revealed, “My brother was in a foreign car, but it was a used and used car, so the door could not be closed. In addition, Baek Il-seop also raises expectations by revealing the story behind the scenes when he worked with Kim Soo-mi in the drama ‘Adada’ and the movie ‘I Love You’.

During the latte chat, Kim Yong-gun also revealed a behind-the-scenes story of tvN’s landmark variety show, ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’. After seeing the composition of the members of ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’, he wanted to be together from the beginning, but the schedule didn’t match and he was disappointed that he couldn’t appear. He joined as the youngest on a good opportunity and said, “Traveling with older people is like a miracle in my life.” “Should we go on a trip again?” In addition, Il-yong’s family, who went out on an excursion, confess to each other in a comfortable atmosphere, developing the honest story buried in their hearts. Il-yong and Park Eun-soo’s twisted past story, including the story of being sued for not reimbursing the interior construction cost for 5 billion won in business damage, will be revealed in episode 24. tokkig