I’m afraid I won’t meet a good man… raging slash making money crazy, unscripted wild smile “pick up 2 girlfriends”: I’m from here | Entertainment | QUANTITY

Actress Xiong Xiong (Zhuo Yutong) has a sweet appearance, a hot body, and a simple personality, which has won her many fans. In addition to being active in variety shows and hosting in recent years, she has also developed side jobs across industries, and her career has been outstanding. Recently, she appeared on an online program and talked about the main reason for working hard to make money. She admitted that she would work hard because she wanted to be a mother, “I’m afraid I won’t meet with a good man”, so she thinks she has to save money first, so she can have the support to do what she wants. At the same time, she also lets go. In love, she is mostly the one who pays more, but when she heard the host say: “Slut men are really annoying”, Xiong Xiong also admitted with a wild smile that she picked up two lovers, “I’m from here.”.

Xiong Xiong recently appeared on Wang Zhiyu’s online program “Wang Zhiyu Plus” to share his latest side job, which is to launch snack products. She also shared that the house she lives in now is a house that Feng Shui thinks is good, which made her laugh to herself: “I don’t need peach blossoms anymore.” Now she just wants to focus on making money.

Actress Xiong Xiong admitted that she had two boyfriends. (Photo/YouTube clip)

Xiong Xiong also mentioned that all the money she earns now is used to raise dogs, and she revealed that being a mother has always been her dream. She didn’t want to be afraid of being an advanced mother and looking for a partner, so she she went to freeze her eggs before to keep a front line for herself.” vitality”. She even changed the subject and mentioned that she had two boyfriends, and was generous with the fact that she was “a proven person”, but the next moment hurriedly asked her agent: “A can this be broadcast?” making lots of laughs on the spot, and letting the outside world see the raging career ambitions and true views on relationships.

And Xiong Xiong was caught in the scandal of obscene videos before. She once bluntly said that she was always unclear about people in her relationship, and also reviewed the reason why her relationship luck was not smooth in the past because she lacked love.” I’ve been chasing love , it’s easy to give up my career for love, now I see I don’t love myself enough.” She also believes that, in fact, what some sour people say makes sense, and she should study hard to observe others.


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