“I’m being threatened by my mom”… Famous influencer who shared a shocking situation (video)

Dentist Lee Soo-jin, who is working as an influencer, shared a shocking current situation.

Below is the YouTube channel ‘Dentist Lee Soo-jin’

On the 26th, Lee Su-jin posted on the YouTube channel ‘Dentist Lee Su-jin’, ‘My mother contacted me to kill me… He uploaded a video titled ‘. In the video, Sujin Lee had a Q&A time with her subscribers. In this process, he mentioned the current situation after appearing on Channel A’s ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’.

On this day, Lee Su-jin was asked, “(After the broadcast) what did your mother say to Su-jin?” “I told him to die,” he said. I’m going to kill you. If I disappear without a mouse or a bird, I want you to know that my mother killed me.”

Then, I was asked, “Do you want me to talk about what’s behind Kakao Talk?” Previously, Lee Soo-jin appeared on ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’ and mentioned her mother’s story and apologized directly. Lee Su-jin said, “I apologized, but now you are swearing more through KakaoTalk. I started swearing on KakaoTalk and continued to swear to this day,” he explained.

When asked, “What did your grandmother do to (daughter) Jenna?”, he appealed, “I just said something.” Lee Su-jin said, “I told Jenna, ‘Don’t open the door even if your grandmother presses ding-dong’. He said, ‘I am stronger than my grandmother,’ so I said, ‘Never open the door when someone you don’t know is trembling because you can send someone you don’t know to kill you.'”

He continued, “I said, ‘If Grandma comes home, don’t open the door.’ because you’re going to kill me Mom won’t come to kill me. I will send someone My mother is a person who does it again, so it is very scary. I was a little scared today. I want to move,” he confessed.

In the episode of ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’ broadcast on the 14th, Lee Su-jin shocked me by confessing that she heard abusive language from her mother, such as “You are a child who should not have been born” and “I hope you go abroad and die without even knowing about mice or birds.”

YouTube, ‘Dentist Lee Soo-jin’



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