I’m confident! Phil Fodenwo Man City returns to form well

Phil Foden, Manchester City’s promising offensive line, points out that his agency has returned to form after winning multiple victories in a row.

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Manchester City have just opened the Etihad Stadium 1-0 in the English Premier League on January 13, resulting in them having just 32 points from 16 appearances. Came to number 3 in the table by 4 points behind Manchester United, but played less than 1 match

Early season “The Blues” has been criticized for playing hard because they often miss a tie with the small team, including the 2-5 defeat to Leicester City, making many people think that Manchester City. Hard hit to win the league this season.

After the match, Foden, who scored the winning goal in the game, voiced that Man City returned to the best results. Of course, as if we were back in the best form. We gain confidence in the results from the past few games. “

As Pep Guardio resigned, praising the 20-year-old’s performance, “I have said a lot about Phil, based on age, number of plays, number of goals scored. And the number of assists This is another good performance of him. He is a player with a special instinct to score goals, not only with his left foot but also on his right foot. He deserves a chance on the pitch after his standards are higher. And I felt he spent 24 hours playing football. “

Manchester City have won the league 4 games in a row and have not been unbeaten for 8 games in a row.

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