“I’m Gay” Pro Soccer Player Coming Out

British Sky Sports reported on the 17th (Korean time) that “Jake Daniels (17) of Blackpool has come out for the British Championship (Part 2).”

Daniels, born in 2005, is a promising player who has been playing in Blackpool youth for over 10 years. He scored 30 goals in the 2020-2021 U-18 season and was named Blackpool Youth Player of the Year.

On May 7th, he made his first professional debut at Blackpool as a substitute in a match against Fitzbrough United in the EFL Championship.

Daniels became the first professional footballer to confess that he was gay in more than 30 years. “It was a lot of trouble, but he didn’t want to lie anymore,” Daniels said. I wanted to live as myself.” He said, “When I confessed to his family, he hugged me and comforted me.”

Sky Sports said, “After Daniels decided to come out in January, his agent and mother saw and discussed it together. He revealed his identity through a systematic roadmap.”

“Daniels is the first professional footballer to come out in 30 years since Justin Pashanho (retired) in 1990,” the media said. “He made this decision to be honest with himself.”

After Daniels came out, the Blackpool club said, “We are very proud. Going forward, we will be at the forefront of eliminating all discrimination and prejudice in football.”

“Gay or bi is still taboo in men’s football,” Daniels said. I will not be shaken by the hatred of such people.”

Reporter Kim Yu-min

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