“I’m going to burn to death like this” Woman stuck in tanning machine naked… 4 firefighters dispatched

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The Sun reported on the 20th (local time) that a woman was trapped in a tanning machine in the UK and that firefighters were being dispatched.

Natalie Renee, 33, a law student from Loughborough, England, was caught in an accident in a tanning shop ‘Tanning House by Miami Sun’ where she was naked and trapped in a tanning machine.

Renee said, “I thought the tanning machine might become my coffin,” and recalled a scene from a horror movie.

Rene said, “The machine is still generating heat, so I thought I was going to burn to death.”

Renee went into the tanning machine naked and at some point she realized she was trapped. After that, I tried to open the lid and escape, but it didn’t work as intended.

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“I tried my best to lift the lid, but it only opened about an inch,” Renee said. “All I could do was shake my body from side to side.”

Even though she was naked, Renee screamed for her life, and about five minutes later, two tan shop workers came running. However, they can’t open the tanning machine either.

In the end, only four firefighters arrived and Renee was able to get out of the tanning machine.

At the time, Renee barely covered key parts of her body with paper, Thesun said.

Meanwhile, as a result of checking by firefighters, it was reported that the tanning machine that had the accident was broken because the hinge that connects the lid was old.

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