“I’m going to order beef soup soup” Police observed dating violence on 112 reports

Chungnam Police Agency

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(Chungnam = Yonhap News) Reporter Kang Soo-hwan = A victim of dating violence was quickly rescued by the police station in the 112 General Security Situation Room.

According to the Chungnam National Police Agency on the 25th, at 4:57pm on the 20th, a woman in her 20s was attacked on a date by her boyfriend at a studio in Sejong City.

Mr A tricked his girlfriend into trying to order a delivery over the phone and secretly called 112 and said, “I’m going to order a beef soup soup.”

Sergeant Choi Myung-ye of the 112 General Security Situation Room, who received the call, was surprised that it was an emergency situation in Mr. A’s trembling voice and asked, “Is it an emergency?”

When Mr A answered “yes”, Sergeant Choi confirmed the location of the report and secured the reporter.

Thanks to Sergeant Choi’s centre, the police arrived at the scene in 6 minutes and managed to save Mr A.

Police Officer Choi, who has been a police officer for 10 years, said, “I am sometimes tired of the influx of phone calls, but I feel worthwhile and proud as a police officer through this incident.”

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