“I’m not a frontsinger”…Chung-ha, who called ‘back-dancer’ and demeaned dancers (Video)

YouTube ‘I’m not wearing anything’

[인사이트] Reporter Na So-hee = Singer Chungha sharply pointed out the culture of lowering dancers, such as calling them ‘back dancers’.

On the 26th, on the YouTube channel ‘I don’t have anything set up’, Chungha, who was about to release a new song, appeared as a guest.

On this day, MC Lee Young-ji poured out praises while referring to Chungha, who was active as a dancer in the past.

Lee Young-ji said that although Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’ (Swoopa) became popular and the perception of dancers changed a lot, before ‘Swoopa’ came out, Chungha’s thoughts and remarks helped to blur the line between the concept of a backup dancer and a dancer. .

InsightYouTube ‘I’m not wearing anything’

In response, Chungha said, “We are back dancers in the back. But we are not front singers.”

He pointed out to the dancers for putting the word ‘back’ just because they were behind them.

Young-ji Lee expressed admiration for Chung-ha’s conceptual remarks and applauded them again and again.

In 2019, on EBS radio’s ‘Youth Communication Project Listening’, Chungha said, “I hate the word ‘back dancer’.”

InsightYouTube ‘I’m not wearing anything’

Chungha revealed her belief that the dancers at the time were also artists who made pictures of the stage together.

Meanwhile, Chungha said that during her long trainee life, she developed her dream of becoming a singer while living as a dancer.

Chungha also confessed that she personally performed as a dancer on the stage of Ulala Session.

As much as he has been active as a dancer, he seems to have a special affection for the dancers who stand together.

InsightYouTube ‘I’m not wearing anything’

YouTube ‘I’m not wearing anything’



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