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On the 23rd and 28th, when Croatia’s match was held in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, Ibina takes a playful pose wearing bold clothes with a red checkerboard pattern and visits the stadium. [인스타그램]

[헤럴드경제=이원율 기자]Despite Qatar’s ban on exposure during the 2022 World Cup, a female model wears a daringly revealing outfit and visits the stadium.

According to reports such as the British Daily Independent and Daily Mail on the 28th (local time), Ibina Play, a supporter of the Croatian football team, is attracting attention online by visiting the stadium wearing clothes that are very revealing to Qatar.

Every time Knoll opens against Croatia, he visits the stadium wearing the red checkerboard pattern that symbolizes Croatia. In the match between Croatia and Morocco on the 23rd, she wore a long tight dress, and in the match between Croatia and Canada on the 28th of the same month, she wore a mini dress with a deep cut in the chest . .

Qatar, a Muslim country, has strict dress codes for women. This is why Knoll’s bold outfit attracts attention.

Previously, the International Football Federation (FIFA), through negotiations with Qatar, drew up a dress code, such as ▷ Men should wear pants that come down at least below the knee, and ▷ Women should cover their bodies everywhere except around swimming pools and beaches.

The Qatari government said on its official website, “It is recommended to wear clothes that do not reveal the knees and shoulders in public places.”

Ibina Knoll (26), who visited the stadium wearing bold red clothes on a desktop pattern on the 23rd and 28th, where Croatia’s match was held in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, poses. [인스타그램]

“I was shocked to hear the dress code,” Knoll told the media, “I have no clothes to cover this part,” he said.

To the question, “Have you ever felt the risk of being arrested because of your clothes?”, he replied, “I’m not afraid of that kind of thing,” and “Doesn’t my dress hurt someone?” “When I arrived, I was surprised that I had no problem wearing (bold) clothes,” he said.

Knoll also posted related photos on his Instagram account. Some responded, “It’s cool to wear the clothes you want to wear with confidence,” while others said, “In Qatar, you have to follow Qatari culture.”


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