“I’m ready to go to jail”… Governor Kim Young-hwan, ‘appeal’ to the president

Kim Yeong-hwan, Governor of North Chungcheong Province. / news1

North Chungcheong Governor Kim Young-hwan complained to President Yoon Seok-yeol that the reality of the region being bound by various regulations is “really crazy.”

On the 28th, Governor Kim posted on his Facebook page, “All the owners of the presidential villa in Cheongnamdae have gone to heaven, but why can’t they sell a cup of coffee or a meal in Cheongnamdae and build a coffee shop or hotel in this garden of 550,000 pyeong?” he lamented.

A Facebook post written by Kim Yeong-hwan, the governor of Chungcheongbuk-do, towards President Yoon Seok-yeol.  / news1A Facebook post written by Kim Yeong-hwan, the governor of Chungcheongbuk-do, towards President Yoon Seok-yeol. / news1

He continued, “The presidents slept and ate here, but the people could not sleep, drink coffee, or eat. Not a single drop of polluted water enters Daecheong Lake and is sent to Musimcheon. Even if we beg to release even 25㎢ of Cheongnamdae, not even one centimeter of regulation has been done. to solve.” Government indifference was also blamed.

He said, “Currently, Chungbuk ranks first in battery production, second in bio, second in semiconductors, first in solar power, second in cosmetics, as well as in the logistics and food industries. It is the hub of a new national growth engine.” Because of this, Cheongju Airport, which relies entirely on air logistics, cannot launch a single cargo plane.”

Governor Kim said, “Among the two runways, 1.5 runways were given to the Air Force F35, and I ended up in a miserable situation going to and from Jeju Bay.” “I’m afraid of Yoon Seok-yeol’s government now. I am afraid of your minister, and I am very much afraid of the public servants of Sejong City. There is nothing that is not regulated here and there, and there is no sign or hope of it being released.”

He added, “I’m thinking of wearing a headband in front of Chungju and Daecheongho, and lying down on Osong Runway and Cheongju Airport.”

Governor Kim said, “The logic of protecting the agricultural promotion area does not ease the regulation of the Osong bio-industrial complex, so investment attraction is blocked, and the talented stock of AI and international schools becomes nothing.” He pointed out, “If it’s like the United States is in a situation where .

He said, “As the country lags behind in terms of the pace of reform and the flow of the times, it is heading towards ruin, and I am determined to scream out loud. I can’t even shout because my throat is bursting, so now the governor of the state has no choice but to prepare to go to jail. We cannot give up on this tremendous growth potential.”

(Cheongju = News 1)

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