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“I’m riding in the car and BTS is singing ‘Butter’ on the street” (Video)

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YouTube ‘Aigoo Organiza’

[인사이트] Reporter Lee Won-sun = BTS gave a surprise performance at a crosswalk in Los Angeles, USA.

According to the popular talk show ‘The Late Show with James Corden’ (James Corden Show) on CBS in the US on the 23rd (local time), BTS suddenly appeared in the middle of the road in downtown LA.

On this day, BTS performed the hit song ‘Butter’, which topped the Billboard Singles Chart ‘Hot 100’ for 10 weeks, and the performance of ‘Dynamite’, which gained great popularity last year.

This surprise performance appears to have been filmed ahead of the James Corden Show.

YouTube ‘Aigoo Organiza’

The ‘James Corden Show’ corner is a so-called crosswalk concert, in which invited stars perform on a crosswalk during a pedestrian signal.

James Cordenshaw announced on its official Twitter account that “BTS held an incredible ‘Crosswalk Concert’ ahead of tonight’s show,” and said, “It will air soon.”

Since then, various social media accounts of sightings of seeing BTS have been lined up. One fan released a video saying, “BTS performed a street butter performance right in front of us.” In addition, several fans sang along to the song ‘Butter’ and cheered.

Those who watched the video showed reactions such as “Are you okay with the heart of the ARMY who was at the scene?”, “Even watching the video makes me tremble.”

On the other hand, the James Corden Show featuring BTS will be aired for one hour from 0:37 on the 24th (2:37 pm Korean time on the 24th) eastern time in the United States.

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