I’m SOLO: A Frustrating First Date for Jongsu and Jeongsuk

Jongsu from the 2nd period was more than an hour late for his first date with Jeongsuk from the 3rd period during the latest episode of ‘I’m SOLO, and the love continues’. The SBS PLUS and ENA program, also known as ‘Nasol Sagye’, aired on the 21st, follows the journey of individuals who have returned to reality after a month and are getting to know each other.

Jeongsuk appeared visibly embarrassed when Jong-su failed to show up even after 35 minutes past the scheduled time. In an attempt to reach him, Jeongsuk called Jong-su, who had a history of breaking appointments. Jongsu apologized and explained that he was running late, claiming to have committed a mortal sin. Defcon jokingly remarked that he won’t watch as he anticipated a potential argument.

Despite an hour passing by, Jongsu still hadn’t arrived. Jeongsuk expressed her apologies to the shop owner and thanked them for waiting with her. In an interview, Jeongsuk revealed her usual aversion to tardiness. Eventually, Jeongsuk decided to order her dish without Jongsu. Defconn, irritated, commented that this was a waste of time.

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[OSEN=박근희 기자] ‘I’m SOLO, and the love continues’ Jongsu from 2nd period was over an hour late for his first date with Jeongsuk from 3rd period.

‘I am SOLO, and then love continue’ by SBS PLUS and ENA (hereafter referred to as ‘Nasol Sagye’), broadcast on the 21st, continued the story of solos who returned to reality and had time to come to know each other for four weeks.

Jeong-suk looked embarrassed when Jong-su from the second group didn’t show even 35 minutes after the scheduled date time. Jeong-suk called Jong-su, who had often broken his appointments, and asked, “Where are you?” Jongsu said, “I’m sorry. He even said he would arrive soon, saying, “I have committed a mortal sin.” Defcon said, “I won’t watch it. “I think we’re going to fight,” he said.

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When Jongsu didn’t arrive even after an hour, Jeongsuk told the shop owner, “I’m sorry. He even said, “Thank you for staying with me.” In an interview, Jeongsook revealed that she usually hates being late. In the end, Jeongsuk ordered the dish first without Jongsu. Defconn looked angry and said, ‘This is a waste of time.’


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