‘I’m SOLO’: Chaos, Conflict, and ‘Fake News’ in the Latest Episode

‘Fake News Wave’ Hits ‘I’m SOLO’ Reality Dating Program

The popular reality dating program ‘I’m SOLO’, produced by ENA and SBS PLUS, recently experienced a wave of ‘fake news’ that caused chaos among its contestants. On the latest episode, the participants of ‘Solo Country 16’ found themselves entangled in a series of false rumors, leading to tension and regret.

Interference and Conflict

The unprecedented interference from some contestants, particularly Kwang-soo and Young-sook, sparked conflicts within the group. Kwang-soo’s heartfelt apology eventually helped resolve the situation, but the damage caused by the ‘fake news’ persisted.

The Storm Continues

Sang-cheol, who had been consoling Young-sook following her confrontation with Kwang-soo, revealed that Young-sook was still emotionally unstable. However, his comments inadvertently stirred more tension when interpreted as unfair by Ja, another contestant. The strained circumstances prompted Young-ho to seek clarity from Hyeon-suk, who, in an unexpected turn, expressed a desire to go on a date with her ex, Young-ho.

Struggles and Resolutions

Throughout the episode, various contestants confronted their personal struggles. Jung-sook, feeling overlooked by Yeong-cheol, confronted him about his ambiguous behavior. In response, Yeong-cheol explained that he had guarded his emotions due to past pain. Deeply affected, Jung-sook resolved to assert herself moving forward.

In the midst of emotional turmoil, Kwang-soo found solace in his late-night church visits, shedding tears while praying for strength. Meanwhile, Ok-soon expressed her desire for a closer relationship with Kwang-soo, despite Young-ja’s surprise at the revelation.

Unpredictable Choices

Young-sook’s unpredictable choices kept the contestants on edge. Despite Hyeon-sook’s objections, Young-sook boldly selected Young-ho for a date, surprising everyone, including Young-ho and Sang-cheol. Seizing on the opportunity, Young-sook planned to use the date as a strategic move to make Sang-cheol reconsider his feelings. Unbeknownst to her, Sang-cheol saw through her intentions and urged his fellow contestants to remain composed.

Apologies and Reflection

Kwang-soo, after finding newfound positivity, visited the girls’ dorm to announce his decision to use the ‘great date ticket’ for Jung-suk. Ok-soon, who had previously hoped to be chosen, expressed her disappointment. Later, Kwang-soo approached Young-sook to offer a sincere apology, which she graciously accepted.

More Misunderstandings and Revelations

As Young-sook bumped into Young-shik, an attempt to lighten the atmosphere led to a discussion about Sang-cheol’s intentions and Hyeon-suk’s true feelings. However, Young-sook’s focus remained on Hyeon-suk, who had previously shown a controlling attitude. This prompted Young-sook to question Hyeon-suk’s claim that Yeon-suk was her “final choice.” Young-shik, feeling overwhelmed, expressed his frustration.

Complicated Connections

Meanwhile, Ok-soon, struggling with her feelings for Gwang-soo, declared in front of Young-chul, Young-shik, Sangcheol, and Young-ja that she would no longer pursue him. Young-ja, unaware of Ok-soon’s change of heart, spread misinformation about Young-soo’s intentions regarding Ok-soon, further complicating the situation. However, the 3MC producers were aware of the misunderstanding, causing frustration for Young-ja.

A Hopeful Date

Young-ho and Hyeon-sook enjoyed their date, reaffirming their mutual affection. Although Young-ho desired to proceed further, concerns about Hyeon-sook’s previous relationship complicated matters. Nevertheless, Young-sook decided to make the first move and invited Young-ho on a subsequent date. Witnessing her happy demeanor, Young-ho couldn’t help but admit that his initial impression of her had been misleading.

Rumors and Speculations

After his date with Hyeon-sook, Young-ho returned to the men’s room and shared details of their encounter. During the conversation, Kwang-soo expressed his confusion about Ok-soon, leading to speculation among the contestants. While Young-chul suspected a budding connection between Ok-soon and Young-soo, Young-shik disagreed, suggesting that other factors may be at play.

Conflicting Emotions

Following her date with Young-soo, Young-ja found herself in tears, overwhelmed by the lack of time to pursue other connections. In her emotional state, Young-ja inadvertently perpetuated the ‘fake news’ by claiming that Ok-soon and Young-soo had a romantic involvement. However, Ok-soon’s sharp denial shattered the misconception. Jung-sook, returning from her date with Kwang-soo, stressed the importance of accurate communication and urged everyone to listen attentively. Amidst the tension, Young-sook attempted to defuse the situation by suggesting that Kwang-soo, Ok-soon, and Young-ja needed to have a conversation, much to the surprise of Jung-sook.


The 16th episode of ‘I’m SOLO’ proved to be a chaotic ordeal, marred by the spread of ‘fake news’ and misunderstandings among the contestants. Viewers can witness the resulting drama and revelations in the upcoming episode on the 13th (Wednesday) at 10:30 pm, broadcasting on ENA and SBS PLUS channel.

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There was a ‘fake news wave’ due to ‘brain ficial’ in ‘I’m SOLO’.

In the reality dating program ‘I’m SOLO’ of ENA and SBS PLUS, which aired on the 6th, ‘Solo Country 16’ was thrown into chaos due to false rumors biting tail after tail. Kwang-soo and Young-sook, who were against the unprecedented interference to match, resolved the conflict with Kwang-soo’s sincere apology, but the 12 single men and women could not get out of the quagmire of ‘fake news’ still. , creating regret.

Sang-cheol, who was hit by ‘fire’ while soothing Young-sook, who had returned from being close to Kwang-soo earlier, told everyone about Young-sook’s unstable condition that day. Ja, who was inadvertently caught in the middle, soon felt unfair, saying, “I didn’t say anyone’s name.” In a war-torn situation, Young-ho asks Hyeon-suk to speak, and Hyeon-suk asks, “Who will you choose tomorrow?” Young-ho said, “I’ll make a decision after talking to Ok-soon,” but Hyun-suk went right ahead, saying, “I’ll go on another date with my ex, Young-ho.” Accordingly, Young-ho decided to use the great date ticket for Hyun-suk.

Jung-sook also asked for a conversation with Young-chul, and said, “I only had one person from start to finish. But he never expressed that to me,” he said, referring to Yeong-cheol’s ambivalent attitude. Then, Young-chul said, “Since I was in pain, I didn’t want my heart to be exposed,” and Jeong-suk informed that he would go straight from now on.

At 4 am, when everyone else was sleeping, Kwang-soo woke up alone and buried his face in the table while working on his late work and cried for a long time. Then, Kwang-soo went to church, and even in the car, he was shedding tears the whole time. In the end, Kwang-soo politely refused to shoot, telling the crew in his car, “I’m sorry, but can’t you film it?” After a while, Kwang-soo arrived at the church and prayed to control his heart while crying.

Ok-soon, who had breakfast in the dorm, told Young-ja, “Young-soo said in an interview that he wanted to be a close sibling. If I have a choice, I’m Gwangsoo,” he said trusting his heart once more. In response, Young-ja was surprised and said, “Really?” Young-sook put on makeup and thought about who to use the great date ticket for. Hyeon-sook stormed, saying, “Young-sook, don’t go to Young-ho.” However, Young-sook went to the common living room and asked Young-ho out on a date. Young-ho and even Sang-cheol were shocked by choosing Young-sook’s ‘strange’ date. About this, Young-sook laughed in an interview with the production team, saying, “Although Sang-cheol still worries me, today is the time to turn Sang-cheol’s lungs while getting to know Young-ho. ” Sang-cheol, who saw through Young-sook’s ‘jealousy strategy’, said quietly, “At times like this, we have to keep our composure.”

After returning from praying in tears at the church, Kwang-soo went to Young-suk and expressed his sincere apology. Youngsook accepted Kwangsoo’s apology, and Kwangsoo said, “Thank you. Let’s forget everything and have fun for the rest of the time,” he smiled lightly.

When Young-sik runs into Young-sook, who had been having a hard time the day before, he tries to lighten her mood by suggesting a walk. Here, Young-shik explained Sang-cheol’s true intentions instead, and revealed his feelings that he had confirmed with Hyeon-suk. However, Young-sook seemed to remember Hyun-suk, who kept her under control by a storm, “Hyeon-sook-nim says that Yeon-suk-nim is the ‘final choice’? I don’t think so,” he said. He continued, “Even when I mentioned Youngho, (Hyeonsook) blocked me too much. I think every man here should be alert.” Young-shik sighed deeply, saying, “I suddenly feel stuffed.”

Kwang-soo, who became much brighter, went to the girls’ dorm and announced that he would use the ‘great date ticket’ for Jung-suk. Gwang-soo told Jeong-suk, who was surprised by her choice, “My thoughts about Ok-soon have changed a lot. Jeongsuk-nim also communicates well with me. The mindset of resetting today,” he explained. Acknowledging Kwang-soo’s change of mind, Ok-soon expressed her disappointment, saying, “Yesterday, (me) said he would make the ‘final choice’, but suddenly (like me) he suddenly declined.”

Young-ja went on a ‘super date’ with Young-soo, which she wanted so much, but Young-soo secretly rejected Young-ja, saying, “I hope (the other person) is at least the same age with elementary school.” In addition, Young-ja is in a situation where she doesn’t have much time during the week due to work and childcare, while Young-soo said she wanted someone she could meet for a short time during the week, which was upset Young-ja.

Likewise, Kwang-soo, who started on a great date, explained the situation with Ok-soon to Jeong-suk, and Jung-suk, who heard this, gave sincere advice, saying, “What if the point of disappointment with Ok-soon a misunderstanding?” Gwang-soo had a deep conversation with Jeong-suk and decided to stay as friends.

At the same time, Oksoon stayed in the dorm and declared in front of Youngchul, Youngshik, Sangcheol, and Youngja that she has given up her feelings for Gwangsoo, saying, “I’m gone from today.” Young-ja, who went out, called Yeong-cheol and said, “I went on a date with Yeong-soo, and then I found out that ‘Ok-soon-nim is also Yeong-soo’” and commented as “fake news.” 3MC, who watched this, was frustrated by Young-ja’s misunderstanding, and Young-ja said, “Young-soo’s ideal type talked about Ok-soon too much”, putting a wedge in the ‘fake news’.

Young-ho and Hyeon-sook confirmed their feelings for each other throughout the date with a tiki-taka fantasy. However, Young-ho, who was worried about the situation of Hyeon-suk being a ‘lost child’, said in an interview with the production team, “If it wasn’t for Hyeon-sook’s child, I would have gone straight away. ” Hyeon-suk was also confused, saying, “I think I’ll be able to live well with Yeong-shik if I get married, but it’s hard because I think it would be fun to date with Yeong -ho.” Young-sook, who then took the lead in the dating baton, appealed, saying, “I was going to go to Young-ho on our first date too.” Seeing Young-sook smiling brightly, Young-ho praised her unexpected charm, saying, “If I hadn’t gone on a super date, I would have thought she was a cold and arrogant person.”

Young-ho returned to the men’s room and shared the story of his date with Hyun-sook. At this time, Gwang-soo came in and expressed his confusion about Ok-soo. Youngchul suggested, “It seems like Oksoonnim and Youngsoo have something to an extent.” On the other hand, Young-shik, who heard Ok-soon’s thoughts directly, said, “Wait a minute!” and he said, “I don’t think that’s what I heard.” Nevertheless, Yeong-chul guessed, “Isn’t Ok-soon’s point of view leaning towards Yeong-soo?”

After finishing her date with Yeong-su, Yeong-ja burst into tears in the dorm, complaining about her situation of not being able to find time to date other single girls. Then Young-ja said, “Young-soo seemed to be doing well with Ok-soon. Oksoon-nim is Yeongsoo-nim” and started ‘fake news’ again. At that moment, when Oksoon returned to the room, to the question, “Do you have any plans to talk to Yeongsu?”, she answered “No” like a knife. Young-sook, who misrepresented Ok-soon’s situation to Kwang-soo, kept her mouth shut, and Jeong-sook, who returned from a date with Kwang-soo, warned, “Listen to yourself”, saying , “Everything that is happening now is because the words are wrong.” In a situation that suddenly became heavy, Youngsook tried to withdraw, saying, “Kwangsoo, Oksoon, and Youngja need to talk.” Jung-sook said, “You’re there too!”

The messy romance of the 16th episode of the ‘Dolsing Special’, which is covered in ‘brainificial’ and ‘fake news’, can be seen on ‘I’m SOLO’, which airs on the 13th (Wednesday) at 10:30 pm on ENA and SBS PLUS.

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