“I’m Solo” Couple Youngsook and Sangcheol Spotted Together, Fueling Dating Rumors

‘I’m Solo’ Contestants Youngsook and Sangcheol Spotted Together

A recent Instagram post by Youngsook, one of the contestants on the popular entertainment program ‘I am Solo’, has sparked speculation among fans. The post featured a photo of Youngsook and Sangcheol, another participant on the show, enjoying a night out at a bar.

In the picture, the pair can be seen having a great time, with Youngsook casually placing her arm around Sangcheol’s shoulder. This friendly gesture has led fans to wonder if there is more than just friendship between the two.

Youngsook and Sangcheol have been adored by viewers for their cheerful and charming dynamic on ‘I’m Solo’. The show’s 16th episode has been gaining popularity, achieving a combined viewership rating of 6.5% on ENA and SBS Plus, according to Nielsen Korea. The final selection of contestants will be announced during the broadcast on October 4th.

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Money Today Reporter Hong Hyo-jin | 2023.09.29 09:48

/Photo=’I’m Solo’ Class 16 Instagram Youngsook ‘I’m Solo’ Youngsook and Sangcheol met. On the 28th, Youngsook, who appears in the 16th episode of the entertainment program ‘I am Solo’, posted a photo of herself meeting Sangcheol on her Instagram.

In the picture, the two people meet in a bar and have a good time. Youngsook struck a friendly gesture with her arm around Sangcheol’s shoulder.

As a result, fans’ attention is focused on whether the two people with a love line in ‘I’m Solo’ are actually a couple.

Meanwhile, Young-sook and Sang-cheol are loved as a cheerful and charming couple in ‘I’m Solo’. The 16th episode of ‘I’m Solo’ is becoming increasingly popular, recording a combined viewership rating of 6.5% on ENA and SBS Plus (based on Nielsen Korea national pay TV households). The final selection of contestants will be revealed on the October 4th broadcast.

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